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Published on January 26th, 2019 | by Roger Corbinetti


Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Cover

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A swimming pool cover is just one of those things which you do not often think to buy for your swimming pool, but you will need pool covers eventually.

5 Simple Benefits of A Swimming Pool Cover

Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool Cover

So, here are the five reasons to buy a pool cover, whether or not you do so from Pool Warehouse?

1. Reduced Evaporation

When you leave your pool uncovered, the process for turning water into vapor takes place.

It is not just a case of losing water if the water level falls below the elevation of the skimmers because of dissipation of water and your pumps suck air, the damage will be caused to them. A pool cover might be everything that you will need to avoid this from happening.

2. Lower Leaf Load

Leaves can be a threat to your swimming pool, but not when you’ve got a pool cover.

After all, with a cover leaves remain stay dry, land on the surface of the cover and possibly be blown away. Fewer eaves in the pool saves you from needing to empty the leaf collector on your robot pool cleaner so frequently, too.

3. Reduced Chlorine Consumption

The fact that chlorine degrades water quality under UV light means that you have to buy more of it than you actually need.

A pool cover can help save time and money in the purchase and use of chlorine.

4. Better Heat Retention

As opposed to letting your warm pool water turn cold overnight, add an insulated pool cover that will allow it to retain enough heat to be OK to swim in the next day with no need for it to warm back up.

5. Less Maintenance

Though some people might enjoy vacuuming their pools or undertaking other maintenance jobs, others among us would rather be able to devote their time to accomplish different tasks.

One more reason to obtain a pool cover is to reduce the need for maintenance of your pool.

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