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Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hacks Go Viral. What The…?

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Summer is a wonderful time to be outdoors and enjoy the weather. All through the long chilly winters, people think about enjoying BBQs, wearing shorts, sporting sandals, indulging in swimming, and much more. Put simply, summer is when people get to truly enjoy their lives. What makes this season even better is having a private swimming pool at home. Therefore, knowing some essential pool cleaning hacks is necessary.

There is nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool. As kids, we used to enjoy playing games like Marco Polo and wrestling with swimming noodles. It was what defined the essence of summer, the outdoors, and enjoying the heat with your friends.

However, a swimming pool is also a source of stress and extra work during the summer season.

We have all seen pools with a neon green tint and/or covered with sheets of leaves, debris, and dead bugs. This doesn’t make for the most appealing sight. And it certainly isn’t recommended that you take a swim if that’s what your pool looks like.

Cleaning polluted inground pools can take a lot of time and energy.

Luckily for you, we are here with some pool cleaning hacks to help you out.

Most pool owners out there do not realize that some shortcuts can cut the time it takes them to clean pools by half. And all that they need in order to implement these tricks can be found at their local grocery stores.

Without further ado, let’s now discuss some of those tried-and-tested hacks:

1. Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Can Clean More Than Your House

Pool cleaning hacks

The first trick on our list of pool cleaning hacks involves Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.

You might have used one of those sponges in the kitchen, bathroom or on a bathtub. In case you have used them, you know they work exceptionally well at eliminating all kinds of dirt and mess that can be found at homes. There is a good reason they’re known as “Magic Erasers.” And the best part? They are not only effective at cleaning the inside of your home but your swimming pool as well.

Simply place one of these sponges on the skimmer bucket of your pool and watch the magic happen.

Lisa Pack stated that she spent 45 minutes per week, each year, cleaning and scrubbing her pool, only for it to stay green and moldy. Her life changed when her daughter shared this trick with her. The Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser really works like magic and keeps her pool absolutely spotless.

Whenever Lisa’s swimming pool starts to get dirty, she simply puts an eraser in and her job is finished!

2. Pantyhose Aren’t Just For Your Office

Pool cleaning hacks

You won’t believe that the pairs of pantyhose you see in pharmacy shops can be reused to clean swimming pools. While pool skimmers are amazing at collecting leaves, bugs and other debris, they fail to filter out some finer substances floating in the pool.

Queue those standard pantyhose. Bind and tie them around the skimmer and find another layer of cleaning power to help stop dirt and fine debris from reaching the filter. Just replace them when they become slimy, and you’re ready to go!

3. A Little Helping Sand

Pool cleaning hacks

Those people who use sand filters for cleaning their swimming pools often have a tough time in ensuring that the smallest debris gets filtered out. One small trick to make your sand filter more effective is to add a spoon of Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is a generally occurring sedimentary rock that’s really soft and can be crumbled easily into a powder.

The wonderful thing about this product is that it will make the sand in your filter form large-sized clumps, making it even more effective at stopping debris and other fine particles from contaminating the pool.

4. Time For Tennis…On Your Swimming Pool

Pool cleaning hacks

This is the most interesting of our pool cleaning hacks.

Part of enjoying a swim during the summer is wearing sunscreen. However, most people aren’t aware of the fact that this leaves a messy oily residue in the water. Not only does this cloud your water, but it can also attract various kinds of insects.

A fix for this would be to throw a tennis ball or two into your swimming pool. The oily film will be soaked up by the fuzz on the ball while it floats, and to get a bonus, will attract any pet/dog fur present in the water.

5. Insects Not Invited

Pool cleaning hacks

There is nothing worse than swimming happily around the pool, only to run into an insect, wasp or a stray bee which has found its way into the water. No one like a creepy crawly being stuck in their hair or wants to be stung while trying to enjoy a relaxing swim. Also, it may be troublesome to put out gobs or torches of citronella candles to keep the pests at bay.

A fix for this would be to place dryer sheets in all the filter baskets around the pool. Bugs hate the odor of dryer sheets. They can, therefore, act like insect repellants.

Another option is to purchase lemongrass plants or geraniums and put them around your pool deck, which will not only help with keeping the bugs away but would also contribute to the aesthetics.

6. Stains Aren’t Welcome

Pool cleaning hacks

Pool owners understand that the most common issue is having difficulties in dealing with stains. Stains are caused by junk, building up of bacteria over time, and rust, together with lime marks. What many people do not understand is that most of those stains can be removed with the help of some common household items.

Vinegar can be used to fight calcium build-up, whereas lime juice can remove rust and metal stains you often notice near ladders and other components. Perhaps the most surprising secret of all is that you do not have to buy costly alkalinity products to maintain clean pool tiles. Simply go to your pantry and pull out the baking soda out. It does exactly the same amount of cleaning, but at half the price.

Hopefully, these pool cleaning hacks will make your pool time more relaxing and safe. Don’t forget to share them with your loved ones!

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