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Published on May 21st, 2021 | by Roger Corbinetti


Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

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If you find pool cleaning incredibly tiring to do on your own, investing in a good robotic pool cleaner is the answer to all your problems. 

However, the struggle is finding a good robotic pool cleaner. One unit that we wholeheartedly recommend is the Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner. 

This unit is designed to ensure efficient cleaning performance up to 88 feet.

It comes with user-friendly features and a stunning design, which makes it unbeatable in the market. 

Since Maytronics manufacture this Dolphin C5 pool cleaner, this automatically makes it a very reliable product.

Medtronic is a trusted brand and has years of expertise in pool cleaning, making the Dolphin C5 a great purchase. 

Read on below to learn more about this pool cleaner and its features. 


Pros and Cons


  • It has a robust design for durability
  • An anti-tangling swivel cable for easy usage
  • Simple to use and start on your own
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Advanced navigation ability


  • Does not have good customer service
  • Does not allow weekly scheduling 

Unique Features 

commercial robotic pool cleaner

When we talk about robotic pool cleaners, it’s important to know the features they come with.

This cleaner has effective and advanced features that allow you to take the pool cleaning game to a new level. Here are the most prominent features of this cleaner:

CleverClean Technology

This commercial robot cleaner provides you with modern technology since it is integrated with CleverClean technology that involves innovative scanning and navigation system software that avoids any obstacles in the way. 

Furthermore, it allows you to know where the robot is at all times. It also comes with a wireless remote to control the device for superior control and experience. 

Durability and Reliable Design

With this robotic cleaner, you have access to a machine that can last you for a long time.

Each component of this machine is manufactured using high-quality material and designed for efficiency and longevity. 

The durability of this robotic pool cleaner makes it an efficient and worthwhile product to buy. 

Excellent Filtration System 

Since this is a commercial robotic pool cleaner, it comes with a large filtration system with large filtration bags.

Each bag can hold large quantities of gunk, dirt, and grime, and due to their size and durability, they can even collect leaves and stickers. 

When you are done, you just have to detach the bags and empty the contents in the trash to reuse them. 

Dual Brush Scrubbing System

This robot cleaner relies heavily on the dual scrubbing brush system to clean the walls, floors, and waterline of your pool.

This system consists of large and thick scrubbing brushes and is designed such that they can easily loosen and scrub all kinds of gunk, dirt, and grime. 

As the robot moves over the walls, these brushes remain in constant motion and direct the dirt into a suction pathway so that it can be sucked into the filtration system. 

Comparing the Dolphin C5 Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner With Competition

dolphin commercial

When it comes to comparing the Dolphin C5 with the competition, you need to know what makes it so special.

While all robots service the same purpose, they have underlying differences, and these include:

Dual Filtration System 

The C5 dual-level filtration system helps in not only cleaning the pool but also separates and filters the fine, rough, and extra-fine dirt for a more effective cleanse.

This filtration system is block-free and deals with dirt in all shapes and sizes without any issue.

No Tangling

Even though most people may prefer a cordless robotic cleaner, the C5 has a tangle-free cord.

The patented swivel cord is made using modern technology and does not tangle. Plus, it ensures full coverage of the pool.

Cleaning Cycle

It comes with three different cleaning cycles to meet your needs instead of a single cycle with a start and stop button.

These three cycles include quick cleaning, standard cleaning, and enhanced cleaning.

You can choose the cleaning method you need and get your pool cleaned before your swimming party.

Issues and Concerns

commercial robotic pool cleaner

Just like every other product, the C5 robotic pool has some issues as well. These include:

No Weekly Scheduling

Even though it does provide three types of cleaning cycles that you can enjoy, this robotic cleaner lacks weekly scheduling.

You do not get a pre-programming mode with this machine, which can be a drawback for many busy owners who cannot set a cleaning cycle every week. 

Takes time in cleaning

This C5 Dolphin Robotic cleaner is designed for commercial cleaning since it has a dual filtration system.

Due to this system, it takes plenty of time to clean even a small pool, and it may not be ideal for use all the time.

Care and Maintenance

The Dolphin C5 Robotic pool cleaner requires changing and emptying the filter bag after every cleaning cycle.

This can be a waste of a bag, which is why you can simply throw the trash and reuse the bag for the next pool cleaning. 


For your peace of mind, Dolphin C5 comes with a limited warranty of 2 years. This warranty is fit for all the parts of this robotic cleaner, making it an assuring purchase.


  • Ideal for: Pools up to 88ft
  • Time for cleaning cycles: 4, 6, and 8 hours
  • Number of Brushes: Two
  • Filter Type: Bottom load, ultra-fine, and fine filter bags
  • Drive System: CleverClean technology
  • Swivel Cord: Yes 
  • Pool Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline
  • Weakly Timer: No

Where To Buy

Given its excellent benefits and features, this incredible commercial and residential pool cleaner make for a great purchase. If you’re interested, you can get it here


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