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10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews: Top Picks for 2023

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These are the top 10 robotic pool cleaners in 2023, according to our research and leading independent owner-verified pool robot reviews.

How We Rate Them  4 and a half stars

We use the 4 criteria below to assign our ratings. Our final star rating is the unweighted average of these four scores.

  1. Value: for the price, how does this pool cleaner compare with its competitors in terms of features, cleaning ability, and maintenance costs?
  2. Wall Cleaning: how well does this pool cleaner clean hard-to-reach vertical surfaces?
  3. Energy Efficiency: how much does it cost to run the pool cleaner each month?
  4. Floor Cleaning: how well does this robotic cleaner pick up all sizes of debris – including fine particles like sand and grit?

10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

  1. Best For Concrete Pools: Hayward 2025ADC Pool Cleaner
  2. Best For In-Ground Pools: DOLPHIN Triton PS 
  3. Best For All Pool Types: DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  4. Best For Quick Cleaning: Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Best For Large Swimming Pools: DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
  6. Best Solar Powered Pool Cleaner: Instapark Betta
  7. Best For Deep Cleaning: Hayward W3RC9740CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner
  8. Best for Powerful Suction: Hayward W32025ADC Suction Pool Cleaner
  9. Best for Scheduled Cleaner: Hayward W3500 Aquabug
  10. Best Value for Money: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

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CLEANERAward: Pool Type:Weight: Hose Length: Cleaning Cycle:Warranty
Hayward 2025ADC
robotic pool cleaner
Best For Concrete PoolsIn Ground residential pools
17.96 pounds 40 feetNot Specified1 year on parts
best robotic pool cleaners
Best for In-Ground Pools In Ground pools
16.5 pounds50 feet2 hours
2 years limited warranty
pool robot
Best for All Pool Types
All14 pounds33 feet 2 hours
24 months limited warranty
Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner
above ground pool vacuum robot
Best for Quick CleaningIn Ground Pools
43.6 pounds60 feet 1.5 hours
2 Years limited warranty
DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
best pool cleaner
Best for Large Swimming Pools All36.8 pounds 60 feet 3 hours
3 Years Warranty Coverage
Instapark Betta
best pool vacuum robot
Best Solar Powered Pool CleanerAll36.8 pounds No cable or hoseNot Specified 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
Hayward W3RC9740CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner
above ground robotic pool cleaner
Best for Deep CleaningIn Ground Pools
44.6 pounds60 feet2 hours2-year warranty coverage
Hayward W32025ADC Suction Pool Cleaner
best automatic pool cleaner
Best for Powerful SuctionIn Ground Pools
18 pounds40 feet 3 to 4 hours1-year warranty coverage
Hayward W3500 Aquabug
best inground pool cleaner
Best for Scheduled Cleaning Above the Ground Pool
17.36 pounds32 feet4 to 6 hours1-year warranty
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
pool robot
Best Value for moneyall types of pools
19 pounds50 feet 2 hours
30 months limited warranty

1. Best For Concrete Pools: Hayward 2025ADC Pool Cleaner

robotic pool cleaner


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The Hayward 2025ADC pool cleaning robot uses technology backed by 30 years of experience in suction cleaning. It uses its powerful suction and extra vacuum wings to clean any concrete pool silently and thoroughly. 

Since it is a hard material, concrete is not the easiest surface to clean. However, this Hayward pool cleaner does an excellent job and leaves your pool clean and debris-free. 


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Noiseless 
  • Extra vacuum wings suck up debris 
  • Excellent steering system 
  • Affordable 


  • Not suitable for extra-large pools
  • May not climb the wall under certain conditions

Best Features

Exclusive Aquapilot Steering System 

The Hayward 2025ADC has a preprogrammed steering system that ensures better cleaning. The Aquapilot steering system allows the device to move in a fixed series of turns that enable it to capture the smallest of debris. 

Plus, it ensures noiseless operation, creating a peaceful environment. 

Booster pump 

The 2025ADC cleaner is further equipped with a booster pump for low energy consumption. It is designed to provide you with a cleaner and hygienic pool with minimum energy usage. With the pump’s powerful action, the device gives you trouble-free cleaning. 

Easy assembling 

Unlike many other pool cleaners available on the market, the Hayward 2025ADC is pretty simple and easy to assemble. It is ready to use within ten minutes and doesn’t require any tools. Plus, there are no noisy or pulsating parts that can be difficult to install. 

2. Best For In-Ground Pools: DOLPHIN Triton PS Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

best robotic pool cleaners

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The Dolphin Triton PS is a good option from the innovative brand, Mayotronics. The company is well-known for its range of pool cleaners with inventive pool cleaning technologies. 

The Triton is proof of their expertise. It features intense cleaning power and reliable suction that makes it perfect for any in-ground swimming pool. 


  • Easy to set up 
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Non-tangling cable 
  • Durable 


  • Can mistake shadows for dirt
  • Can get hung up on drain covers 

Best Features 

Clever Clean Navigation 

The Dolphin Triton uses an excellent CleverClean navigation system to clean your pool. It is equipped with multiple scanners that scan the pool and come up with the best cleaning pattern to clean the pool. 

Even if your pool is irregularly shaped, this system works efficiently to provide full coverage without leaving any spots or areas untouched. 

Power Steam Mobility 

This pool cleaner can clean most standard-sized pools in as little as 2 hours. It does so with a combination of track and jet-driven mobility that enables it to move along the floor, over the drains, and even up the wall. 

This system even allows it to tightly hug the walls for better scrubbing and cleaning. 

Dual filters 

Another notable feature of this device is its dual filtration. The Triton PS comes with 2 filtration cartridges – one for ultra-fine filtration and the other for capturing bigger pool contaminants. 

Plus, since the filters are top-loaded, they are easy to access, allowing you to empty them easily after each cleaning. 

3. Best For All Pool Types: DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

pool robot

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The Dolphin Nautilus CC is another excellent automated pool cleaner from Mayotronics. It is an affordable yet powerful unit that can clean your pool without leaving any spots behind. 

The lighter weight combined with lots of useful features makes this a good choice for most pool owners. 


  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Affordable 
  • Dual filtration 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Simple to set up and use 


  • Faces difficulty while climbing steps 
  • Not great for odd-shaped pools

Best Features 


The best thing about this robotic pool cleaner is its low weight and compact design. 

Unlike other bigger and bulkier models, the Nautilus is quite light. You can easily place it into the pool and take it out once the cleaning job is done. Though, you should wait for it to evacuate the water before pulling it out completely. 

Smart Navigation 

Like the Triton, the Nautilus is also equipped with Clever Clean Technology. The cleaner uses onboard sensors that survey the pool and devise the fastest route to clean it. 

And if any obstacles hinder its designed path, it avoids them and returns to the optimized path after getting around them without your help. 

Dual scrubbing brushes

The dirtiest parts of any swimming pool are the walls and floor. These areas accumulate algae, calcification (scale), and biofilm, making your pool dirty and increasing its chemical demand. 

The Nautilus features dual scrubbing brushes that dislodge the buildup, making it easy for the vacuum to pick them up. 

4. Best For Quick Cleaning: Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

above ground pool vacuum robot

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Polaris 9450 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner is a best-selling option that can easily handle the floor and walls of both standard and large pools. The four-wheel drive combined with the vortex vacuum technology enables it to clean your pool in as little as 1.5 hours. 


  • Suitable for all pool sizes 
  • The large canister holds more contaminants 
  • Cleans the walls and waterline 
  • Pleated scrubbing brush for effective cleaning 
  • Comes with a premium caddy 


  • Expensive 
  • Not suitable for above-ground pools 

Best Features

Easy access basket 

One of the most notable features of this Polaris pool cleaner is its large, top-loaded, easy-access basket. 

Most pool cleaners feature tiny baskets that fill up quickly, and you have to empty them during the cleaning cycle. But that is not an issue with the Polaris 9450. It has a large-capacity, top-loading basket with a handle that makes it easy to empty. 

Four-Wheel Drive Technology

A big complaint about robotic pool cleaners is that they get stuck. But with the Polaris 9450, you won’t face this problem. 

It features a powerful four-wheel drive technology that enables it to drive from the corners to the deep end and even up the stairs. It does not get stuck on obstacles like the bottom drain or stairs. 

Vortex Vacuum Technology

We really like this pool cleaning robot for its effective cleaning. The vortex vacuuming technology tackles the toughest of debris and makes them stay suspended long enough to be collected by the cleaner. 

The 9450 uses a pleated scrubbing brush to clean the grime build-up on the floor, walls, and tiles and pulls them inside the filtration basket to ensure superior cleaning performance. 

5. Best For Large Swimming Pools: DOLPHIN Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

best pool cleaner

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If you are a large pool owner, you’ll need a powerful pool cleaner to keep it spotless. The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is such a device.

It features dual scrubbing brushes and multiple filter options. Plus, this heavy-duty device can cover pools as large as 50 feet without becoming tangled or getting stuck on different obstacles. 


  • Multiple filtration media 
  • Full media indicator
  • Optimal Remote Control 
  • Tangle-free cord 
  • Twin motors 


  • Expensive 
  • Manual mode is not good 

Best Features 


The Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner from Dolphin uses SmartNav technology to scan the pool and map out the best cleaning route. With this feature, there are no wasteful passes over the floor. Instead, it uses its smart navigation to clean the pool floor, walls, and waterline effectively. 

Multimedia filtration

With this Dolphin cleaner, you won’t have to worry about filtering the different contaminants floating around in your pool. 

It comes with multiple filtration media, so there is no need to buy separate filters for all the different pollutants. Whether it is a leaf or an ultra-fine particle of dust, there is a filter to capture it out. 

Energy Efficiency 

A notable feature of the Dolphin Premier is its energy efficiency. The device uses two 180-watt DC motors that cost around five cents per hour to operate. 

It is more efficient than other pool cleaners with AC booster pumps. Plus, the internal operations are more efficient, ensuring a cleaner pool at a lower cost. 

6. Best Solar Powered Pool Cleaner: Instapark Betta

best pool vacuum robot

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If high energy bills are a concern that keeps getting in your way of getting a robot pool cleaner, here is a solar-powered option for you to check out. 

The Instapark Betta is a pool skimmer that keeps the surface of your pool debris-free. If fallen leaves, bugs, and other floating debris are your problem, the Instapark Betta is your solution. 


  • Saves energy 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Whisper quiet
  • Durable 
  • Ultrasonic sensors prevent collisions


  • Cannot clean the floor or walls 
  • Unable to get close enough to walls 

Best Features

Rechargeable Solar Battery

The best feature of the Instapark automated pool cleaner is its cordless operation. Unlike traditional corded models, the Betta draws its power directly from the sun. 

It is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery that stores enough juice to keep it operational during night hours. 

And if it runs out of charge during cleaning, the Betta comes to a stop, charges itself, and becomes operational again. 

Remote Control Operation

A good thing about Betta is its remote control operation. It comes with a wireless remote that you can use for targeted cleaning. 

Then there is an automatic mode that you can use for more convenience. It skims the entire pool’s surface in automatic mode, picking up the debris floating over its surface. 

Easy-to-clean basket 

We also like Betta for the easy cleaning feature. It comes with a large-capacity, top-loaded basket that can hold a large amount of debris. 

Plus, a handle makes removing and emptying it a breeze. And the weave-like pattern prevents the yucky stuff from falling out. 

7. Best For Deep Cleaning: Hayward W3RC9740CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner

above ground robotic pool cleaner

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If you own a medium-sized in-ground pool, you should look into getting the Hayward W3RC9740CUB Robotic Pool Cleaner. 

This powerful cleaning device is suitable for cleaning most vinyl, concrete, gunite, and fiberglass pools. It runs separately from the pool’s filtration system, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the media very often. It uses the two-fine porosity elements to deep-clean your pool. 


  • No-spill cartridge 
  • Does not need a booster pump 
  • Programmable cleaning cycle 
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater pools 
  • Simple and easy to use 


  • Heavy 
  • Does not climb walls 

Best Features 

Separate filtration system 

Unlike some other pool cleaners on the market, the Hayward W3RC9740CUB operates separately from the pool’s filtration system. It is equipped with a fine mesh filter basket that can capture anything from leaves to small dirt particles. 

Top access basket

This pool cleaner guarantees complete convenience with its top-loaded cartridge design. The cartridge installs on the top and is easy to remove and reinstall. You can easily lift it out without leaving piles of leaves or other pool muck for you to clean later. 

Simple operation

Another likable aspect of the Hayward W3RC9740CUB is its simplicity. It comes pre-assembled and ready to operate out of the box. There is no need for extra hoses, pumps, or hookups. 

Two filter elements in the package ensure the smallest of debris are picked up. Cleaning the cartridge is also easy. Simply take it out, empty it, and rinse to use again.

8. Best for Powerful Suction: Hayward W32025ADC Suction Pool Cleaner

best automatic pool cleaner

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Hayward W32025ADC Suction Pool Cleaner is a powerful side suction pool cleaner from a reliable brand. It cleans your pool professionally without needing you to spend a lot of money. It is easy to use and delivers satisfactory results every single time. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Cleans floor, coves, and some walls 
  • Comes complete with the required accessories 
  • Affordable 
  • Whisper-quiet operation 


  • Not suitable for above-ground pools 
  • Cannot climb on all surfaces 

Best Features

Effective pool cleaning

The Hayward W32025ADC is a powerful cleaning tool that connects to the suction side plumbing of your pool. From there, it reaches out to the bottom and far corners of the pool, where most dirt and debris accumulate. It filters them out with the help of a skimmer basket. 

Predetermined route 

Although this device does not have any smart navigation system, it uses the patented Aquapilot steering technology to move in predetermined series of turns, ensuring proper pool cleaning. 

It reaches into the pool’s depth and cleans the coves but might face difficulty climbing some wall surfaces. 

Extra features

The Hayward W32025ADC features a unique turbine and gear system that allows it to move quickly yet noiselessly. 

Plus, the wings and flaps incorporated into the bottom provide more extensive cleaning coverage to handle sand, pebbles, twigs, and more leaves with immense ease. 

9. Best for Scheduled Cleaner: Hayward W3500 Aquabug

best inground pool cleaner

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The Aquabug is a cute yet effective pool cleaner for your above-ground pool cleaning needs. It is a quick and snappy device that works without a pool booster or cord. 

Simply snap it into your pool’s circulation system and see it go. You can also program it to conduct scheduled cleanings a few times a week, making your pool maintenance much easier. 


  • Affordable 
  • Noiseless 
  • Attractive design 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Deluxe bumper ring prevents it from becoming stuck 


Best Features 

Smart drive technology

This cute little device from Hayward uses smart drive technology to move around the pool. It uses a pre-programmed route with alternating turns to ensure effective cleaning. It moves across wider swaths of swimming pool, managing each pass so that it does not leave any area untouched. 

Hassle-free setup

Unlike traditional automated pool cleaning robots, the Aquabug boasts hassle-free installation. It comes pre-assembled and is ready to work out of the box. 

There are no booster pumps and power cables to deal with. Simply snap it into the suction side of your pool pump circulation system and watch it crisscross across the bottom of your pool. 


You can choose how your Aquabug should look. You can select from Wanda the Whale, Diver Dave, the Aquacritter, and the Hayward Aquabug. Each of these has distinct features with attractive color schemes, so you can purchase the one that looks best with your pool. 

10. Best Value for Money: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

robot pool vacuum cleaner

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If you want a super convenient and superior pool cleaning experience, look into getting the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. 

It may be an expensive option, but it takes away the entire workload of manual pool cleaning from your hands. It works with a variety of pools, whether they are standard or irregularly shaped. 


  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Auto shutoff
  • Energy-saving 
  • Dual scrubbing brushes 
  • Superior filtering capabilities 


  • Can get stuck in obstacles like bottom drain 
  • Pricey 

Best Review 

Compact design 

The Dolphin Nautilus CC features a pleasing blue and black design that compliments most pool designs. It is quite compact and portable. It measures 16 x 10 x 16 inches and weighs 19 pounds in weight. 

The body is plastic with soft yet strong scrubbing rollers on the bottom. Plus, a large handle on the top makes putting it in and pulling it out of the pool easy. 

Excellent wall climbing ability 

A good thing about this Dolphin pool cleaning device is its wall climbing ability. Its unique climbing rings help it cling to the walls without falling or slipping. It navigates easily, even when climbing vertically on the pool walls to scrub them clean. 

Dual Filters

The Dolphin Nautilus CC comes with two sets of large filters – one for capturing larger particles like bugs and leaves and the other for trapping finer particles like sand. 

Depending upon the type of contaminants in your pool, you can easily change the filters. Changing the filters is also easy. Simply lift the hatch on the top of the cleaner bot and pull out the filter cartridge. 

Robotic Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

above ground robotic pool cleaner

What Is a Robotic Pool Cleaner – and how does it work?

A robotic pool cleaner is an automated device designed to collect sediment and debris floating in a swimming pool with minimal human interaction. 

It is a small-wheeled device with an automated vacuum cleaner that pulls in water and filters out contaminants before expelling it back. It crawls along the pool’s floor and walls, scrubbing them and picking up detritus like leaves, bugs, dirt, etc. 

So how do robotic pool cleaners work? 

These units utilize low-voltage electricity to create suction that allows them to clean the pool. This electricity is supplied to them via a power cord that floats behind them in the pool. This also supplies power to the scrubbing brushes while creating a jet that allows them to propel around the pool. 

The initial versions used to roam around the pool randomly, leaving some parts untouched. The newer, sophisticated models can learn the shape and size of the pool to draft a pattern that they follow to clean the pool quickly and more efficiently. 

Why buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Having a robotic pool cleaner greatly makes cleaning the pool hassle-free and more manageable. These units require little to none of your assistance to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. 

Plus, they have various features that combine the functions of different pool tools in one automatic device. Here’s why you should buy a robotic pool cleaner over other types of cleaners:


Robotic pool cleaners are considered eco-friendly because they don’t produce water, air, or even noise pollution. There are no harmful chemicals or emissions involved in their cleaning process that can mix into the water to jeopardize your health. 

Plus, they keep your swimming pool in a clean, healthy condition. 


Using a robot helps you conserve energy. While it does consume some energy to clean the pool, its cleaning process is so thorough that there is no need to keep the pool’s pump and filter system on. In comparison, this system uses more energy than the minimal 60-70 watts per hour of power that most pool cleaning bots consume. Plus, their cleaning is superior in quality. 


If spending around $1,000 on a robotic pool cleaning device seems like a costly investment, think about how many years of service you can take out of it. 

On average, robotic pool cleaners can last up to 8 years before needing a replacement. Plus, you won’t need to keep your pool pump and filter on, so you will quickly gain your money’s worth in the long run. 

Regulate the Pool’s Chemical Balance 

When the pool is clean, the chemicals used for sanitization and disinfecting are more effective. For example, the safe chlorine level recommended for any pool is between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million (ppm). But if your pool is polluted, you might need to add more for it to take its full effect. 

An automated cleaner removes algae and bacteria, allowing chemicals to achieve their full potential. 

What to Look for while buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

pool robot

Since robotic pool cleaning devices don’t come cheap, you have to make the most out of your money by investing in the right unit for your pool. And to get the right one, make sure to keep the following in mind:

Type of Pool

The first thing you should know about robotic pool cleaners is that there are different units for cleaning different pools. 

For example, if you own an above-ground pool, you’ll need a different automatic cleaning device, while you need something different for in-ground pools.

When comparing different units, be sure to check their compatibility with your pool. Note that there is no shortage of models that are suitable for all types of pools. 

Size of Pool

The size of the pool is an important deciding factor because you have to determine the length of the power cord. The required cord length for a 20-feet pool would definitely be shorter than that for a 50-feet pool. 

It’s important to choose the appropriate size because an unnecessarily long cord will get tangled. And if it is too short, it won’t allow the cleaner to reach the farthest end of the pool. 

Energy Efficiency

Although most modern pool cleaners are quite energy-efficient, you may still want to check their power consumption to keep your bills in check. 

Advanced robot cleaners usually consume less power than their basic alternatives. Their state-of-the-art software enables them to consume as little power as a light bulb. So, if you want to prevent your bills from skyrocketing, choose a modern and energy-efficient model. 

Weight of Unit

Sure, the weight of the unit has no impact on its performance. But since you’ll have to lift the cleaner to get it in and out of the pool, you should make sure that it is light enough for you to handle it all by yourself. 

Of course, the bigger the pool, the bigger the robot. But, if the cleaner is too heavy, you will have a hard time transporting and caring for it. 


best pool vacuum robot

The filtration capacity of these devices is measured in microns. The smaller the micron value, the finer the debris the robot can collect. 

While looking at different units, you’ll come across descriptive terms like ultra-fine mesh. These don’t matter as long as the micron value is really small. If you want to really clean your pool, go for a cleaner with the smallest micron rating. 

Smart Navigation

Since they are automatic, robot pool cleaners can navigate their way across the pool. However, only some advanced units can learn the pool’s shape and draft a pattern to smartly navigate their way through it. They create their own pathway that they follow to thoroughly scrub and clean the pool. 

When comparing different models, be sure to prioritize ones with smart navigation features as such units can easily operate with minimal interference. 

Ease of Use

You should look into getting a unit that is simple and easy to use. This includes transporting it to and from the pool, setting up the cleaning cycle, and emptying it afterward. 

Since it is a purchase you are making for your convenience, you don’t want to end up with a unit that is difficult to operate. 

Look at different options and learn about their method of operation, then decide on a model you feel confident about. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

robot pool vacuum cleaner

A robot pool cleaner is like a vacuum for your pool. Just as with a vacuum cleaner, you have to be particular about its cleaning and maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance. 

This includes emptying the unit of the collected gunk, setting it out to dry, and cleaning the brushes and side brushes to ensure optimum cleaning performance. 

While all of this may sound simple in theory, practice, you’ll find that some units are easier to clean and maintain than others. Look into getting a device that is both easy to use and care for, as it will save you from many untold hassles. 

Warranty & Costs

Cleaning robots are not cheap. However, you can easily find a model that fits your budget. 

As for the warranty, most units come with a 2 to 3-year warranty. And you shouldn’t settle for a unit that comes with a shorter warranty. 

How to use a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

For some people, using advanced machinery and electronics is a simple task. But others require clear instructions before they can assemble or use any new device. 

A robotic pool cleaner is not everybody’s cup of tea. Here’s how you should use yours:

  • Start by assembling the device. Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the directions to set up your new and shiny pool cleaner. 
  • Plug it into an appropriate electrical outlet. Most units connect with a GFCI outlet. 
  • Check the different cleaning settings and choose the one that suits your needs. For example, if you want it to clean the pool floor, choose bottom only or waterline only if you want it to eliminate the unsightly aspect. 
  • Extend the power cord and bring the device to the half-length of your pool. Doing so will ensure minimal cord tangling. 
  • Place the cleaner into the pool. Submerge it gently while moving side to side, allowing air to escape. 
  • Turn it on and let it sink to the bottom of the pool.
  • When using the device for the first time, keep an eye on it to make sure it can climb the walls and stairs and reach the farthest end of the pool. If it fails to do any of these, make some adjustments as per the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Always be careful to turn on the unit after submerging it into the water and turning it off before taking it out of the pool. 
  • Once the cleaning is complete, turn off the device and let the water drain completely before storing it away. 

Pros and cons 

best automatic pool cleaner

When we say robotic pool cleaners, the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is the high price tag. However, a higher price tag comes along with many additional benefits. 

So, is a robotic pool cleaner worth buying? The following pros and cons can put things into perspective. 


  • Fully automated devices need little to no human interaction for cleaning the pool
  • Can pick up both large and small debris
  • Function as a second filtration system for your pool with a built-in filter
  • Clean quickly and thoroughly
  • Lots of customization options 
  • Can clean the floor, walls, and steps of the pool


  • Expensive 
  • Require timely cleaning and maintenance
  • Cord can become tangled

Frequently Asked Questions

best robotic pool cleaners

Which is better: a Robotic Pool Cleaner or a Manual Pool Cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner is certainly better than a manual pool cleaner. It is a convenient, fast, and painless way of removing the gunk lining your pool. 

Sure, it is expensive, and you have to spend some time on its cleanliness and maintenance, but all of this becomes insignificant when you compare it to the time, money, and effort involved in using a manual pool cleaner. 

What is the Annual Maintenance Cost of a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

The best thing about a robotic pool cleaner is that it does not entail any annual maintenance costs. If you are particular about its cleanliness (you empty the filter, clean the brushes after every use, and dry it completely before storing), it’s unlikely that you will incur any additional maintenance costs. 

How often should I clean my pool?

This depends upon your pool usage. If the pool is used daily, you should clean it daily. And if you use it occasionally, cleaning and maintenance once a week should work with most pools. 

Plus, keeping it covered during the colder season helps keep unwanted debris out. 

Can I leave a Robotic Pool Cleaner in the pool?

There might not be immediate consequences of leaving a robotic pool cleaner in the pool. But the extended time it spends underwater after completing its cleaning cycle will quickly wear it out. You should always take it out of the water after use, clean and dry it before putting it away. 

How long does an automatic pool cleaner last?

A robotic pool cleaner can easily last for 4-5 years before needing replacement. And if you maintain and clean properly, it may also serve for about 8 years. 

Even if you decide to invest in a cheap model, regular cleaning and proper maintenance can also extend its lifespan, ensuring that it lasts for as long as three years. 

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