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roger corbinetti profile under water


I’m Roger Corbinetti.

I’ve owned a pool for over 20 years. During that time, I have owned and reviewed dozens of pool cleaners – especially robotic pool cleaners.

I created RoboticPoolCleanersCompared to help homeowners like me leverage my experience to select the right pool cleaner, pool heater, pool cover and modern pool appliance for their needs & budget.

Based in sunny Tampa Florida, my (mostly) human team of experts compares, rates and reviews the best robotic pool cleaners and other modern pool appliances.  Then I post what we learn on this mobile-friendly site.

My goals for this website are simple:

  1. to help you learn how robotic pool cleaners work and why they make great economic sense for many pool owners
  2. to explain the key things to look for when selecting a robotic pool cleaner
  3. to help you see-through the marketing hype by comparing only the best-rated pool cleaners on the market.
  4. to review the latest pool cleaning and pool maintenance appliances and gadgets
  5. to share my hard-learned experience with you regarding pool cleaning and pool maintenance.

Because this site is built for reading on mobile devices, I try to keep the text down and lean on images, graphics and video wherever possible.

Here’s a shot of my own personal ‘test facility’ 😉

our test facility (my pool)

If you have any questions about a particular cleaner, leave a comment on that page.

Happy shopping!


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