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3 Best Pentair Pool Cleaners 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Looking for a Pentair pool cleaner that best suits your needs?

You’ve come to the right place!

Pool cleaners have made incredibly short work of what was previously considered a tedious and much-dreaded task. Nobody wants a dirty pool, but unfortunately, pools can’t clean themselves.

That’s where Pentair pool cleaners come in. These units significantly shorten the cleaning time, allowing you to take a dip whenever you want during hot summer days.

Pentair is a leading brand that has gained the trust and loyalty of many customers worldwide. Since it’s a multinational industrial company that centers around water and fluid control in infrastructure and manufacturing industries, you can be sure that Pentair offers only quality pool cleaners. In fact, most Pentair pool cleaner reviews are immensely positive and hint at excellent customer satisfaction.  

pentair rebel vs warrior

What’s In This Buying Guide

To give you a better idea about why Pentair is one of the best companies to choose from, we’ve reviewed some of its pool cleaners. We’ve also discussed the features you should consider before finalizing your purchase and answered some frequently asked questions.

If you have an inground pool, you can check out our guide on the best robotic cleaners for inground pools.  

Best Pentair Pool Cleaners

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  1. Best Suction-Side Cleaner: Pentair Kreepy Krauly 360042 
  2. Best for Small Inground Pools: Pentair K60430 Kruiser
  3. Best Value for Money: Pentair LL505G Legend
Pentair Pool

Suitable for
Booster Pump Required?
Pentair Kreepy Krauly 360042

Pentair 360042 Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Inground Universal Pool Cleaner



In-ground Pools
Pentair K60430 Kruiser

Pentair K60430 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner



In-ground Pools
Pentair LL505G Legend



In-ground Pools

1. Best Suction-Side Cleaner: Pentair Kreepy Krauly 360042 

pentair automatic pool cleaner


If you want a pool cleaner with rugged construction, and ultra-reliable service life, and a modern design, the Kreepy Krauly is the right model for you.

The cleaner is incredibly easy to maintain, install, and use. It will keep your pool free from debris, dirt, and leaves and ensure that it stays that way.

Key Features

Simple Design: The Kreepy Krauly 360042 is designed with only a single operational moving part, providing you with years of reliable service at an incredibly low operational cost. You can easily install it within minutes without using any tools, while its dedicated and lightweight design enables it to float and dive smoothly.

Dive Float Directional System: The dive float directional system guides the cleaner around the entire length of your pool, from the water line to the bottom of the pool, for greater coverage. It’s also equipped with an automatic valve that adjusts water flow automatically and determines the optimal travel speed for better cleaning.

Cleaner Wings and Roller Strap: The included cleaner wings help move the dirt, debris, and leaves into the filtration system directly, while the roller strap directs the cleaner around ladders and steps for unrestricted cleaning.  

Cost-Efficient: Due to this model’s simple design, you won’t have to replace and repair any gears, diaphragms, or wheels, saving you both time and money. You won’t need to purchase a costly, energy-draining booster pump as well, further saving you money on your utility bills.

Wall Climbing: This Kreepy Krauly cleaner can easily climb slopes that range from 3 feet to 8 feet deep. If your pool does not have a completely vertical slope, the cleaner will slowly move from the deep to the shallow end of the pool.


  • This Pentair pool cleaner can sometimes get stuck in a corner or on the steps. 
  • Although the unit cleans most areas of the swimming pool, it’s not 100% perfect and might leave some spots untouched.
  • Its lightweight design means it can get seriously damaged if you drop it.

The Kreepy Krauly 360042 is best for you if…

You want an automatic cost-effective pool cleaner that efficiently cleans inground swimming pools.  

2. Best for Small Inground Pools: Pentair K60430 Kruiser

pentair pool vacuums


One of the best suction side cleaners ever produced, the Pentair K60430 Kruiser boasts exceptional performance features that help it relentlessly clean debris and dirt from your pool while staying dependable and affordable at the same time.

Key Features

Extra-Wide Mouth: The most prominent feature of the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser is the extra-wide mouth that captures both big and small debris from the pool. This mouth is especially useful if your pool is built near trees and is constantly filled with leaves.

Superior Seal Design: Another unique feature of this cleaner is its excellent seal design, which ensures that the model stays upright at all times.

It’s also designed with slits and curved fingers, preventing the unit from getting stuck at corners or getting thrown off main drains. This simply means that the Kruiser will efficiently clean around eyeball fittings and lights.

Built-in Bumper: The built-in bumper enables the Kruiser to clean steps and ladders quickly and easily. If you’re tired of your old cleaner getting stuck on the steps, then this model is the perfect one for you.

Single Moving Part: The model boasts a flapper with one moving part that uses kinetic energy to clean the bottom of your pool. It also does not generate a lot of noise, providing you with a problem-free cleaning experience.

Environment-friendly: The Kreepy Krauly Kruiser does not release any harmful gases or hazardous chemicals in the water. It also does not require you to mix any chemicals in the pool water.

Efficient Filtration: This model will remove all debris and dirt independently, without using or putting pressure on your pool’s circulation pump. This prevents your pool’s main filter from getting clogged up, leading to less water wastage and less backwashing.


  • The unit might be ineffective in cleaning larger pools. It may also leave certain spots of the pool untouched where its suction mechanism fails to work properly.
  • The price is higher than other similar models.

The Pentair K60430 Kruiser is best for you if…

You are willing to spend a few extra bucks for your pool’s maintenance. Due to this model’s easy maneuverability, it will significantly decrease the effort it takes for you to clean your pool. 

3. Best Value for Money: Pentair LL505G Legend

pentair tucson pool cleaner


The Pentair LL505G Legend is suitable for all types of inground pools. It is designed with a smart front-wheel drive, enhancing its efficiency in cleaning the pool.

Key Features

4-wheel Design: Unlike other pressure-side pool cleaners, the Pentair Legend boasts a four-wheel drive for better traction. With its high-torque acceleration and grippy wheels, it’s easily able to climb walls near the waterline, resulting in a crystal-clear pool.

The tires are better at climbing sloped walls instead of steep 90° ones but don’t worry, as they’ll reach the top eventually.

30-foot Feed Hose: The Legend is attached to a 30-foot feed hose, which enables the cleaner to move freely in in-ground pools measuring more than 25 feet long.

If you have a smaller pool, you can easily cut the hose down to the desired length to prevent extra slack. You just need to make sure that the hose isn’t taut and still has some slack when the cleaner is at the opposite end of the pool.

Sweep Hose: This component is one of the best features of the LL505G Legend. It connects to the unit’s backside and gives a high-pressure burst of water to remove any embedded dirt and algae stuck in the edges and corners for the suction to pick up.

Large-Capacity Debris Bag: A sizable debris bag is attached on top of this pool cleaner. All the water that passes through the suction inlet and the booster pump filters through the bag, where its fine-mesh lining traps debris, algae, and residue.

The amount of debris the bag can collect before reaching maximum capacity depends on how dirty and how large your pool is.

If you want to clean the bag, you just need to detach it from the cleaner, dump its contents in a dustbin or a backyard mulch pile, and clean the inside with the help of a hose.

Double Jet System: The LL505G’s smart double jet system is positioned above its large intake throat. This prevents clogging issues and allows the cleaner to collect even more dirt and debris than standard pool cleaners.

From large sticks and twigs to small pebbles and dirt, this unit can handle almost anything. It further features a duck-billed valve that prevents debris from falling out, even when the unit is powered down.


  • The tail hose is extremely long and can get tangled, leading to the cleaner moving around in an unorganized manner. 
  • You’ll need to purchase a peripheral booster pump separately as it is needed to generate vacuum power.
  • You’ll need to replace the debris bag after every 3 to 6 months.

The Pentair LL505G Legend is best for you if…

You don’t need an expensive robotic pool cleaner but want clean pool water and walls before you take a dip.

Select the Right Pentair Pool Cleaner for Your Pool  

pentair pool sweep

Before you purchase a pool cleaner that best suits your needs, you’ll need to consider a few factors, including the existing pump equipment, the size of your pool, and the features you’d want in a cleaner. The following are some things you should consider when selecting a pool cleaner:

Type of pool cleaner

There are several different types of pool cleaners available, and some are incredibly easy to use. The model that best suits your needs depends on the kind of pool you own and how involved you are in the entire cleaning process. Learning about the different types of pool cleaners is the first step in selecting the right model.

The first choice you need to make is whether you need an automatic or a manual model. Manual cleaners include surface skimmers, brush attachments, and vacuum units. They’re usually attached to a telescopic pole that allows you to reach and clean the deepest surfaces of your pool.

Meanwhile, automatic models require manual placement and hookup, but they operate independently. Automatic pool cleaners can further be divided into three types:


Robotic cleaners are the latest development in pool cleaning products. You just need to let these handy cleaners loose in your pool and leave them to finish the job on their own. They’ll clean the bottom of your pool, while some models go one step further and climb up the walls as well.

Most robotic cleaners feature programmable timers that allow you to set the cleaning session’s time and duration. Although a robotic model’s capabilities and technology make it expensive, it is still an incredibly convenient option.

These units are either powered by electricity or by a battery. Electric models are attached to a long waterproof cord that ensures a steady flow of power, while battery-equipped ones just need to be charged between uses. Both types fill a cartridge or a bag, which you’re going to have to empty.


Pressure-side cleaners clean the pool by using the water return line that runs from the pool’s filtration system. While this system might seem counterintuitive, it’s actually a very common style adopted by most pool cleaners.

These models work because of the Venturi effect, which draws pool water in and traps particles and debris using a pressurized water cycle.

This effect further allows the cleaners to stick to the walls and ground of the pool. Pressure-side cleaners are affordable, but they might need an additional booster pump.


As the name suggests, suction-side cleaners use the pool filter’s suction to power the wheels and clean the pool. They’re usually hooked up to the pump system’s suction side with a pool skimmer.

Since every filtered pool is equipped with some type of skimmer, these cleaners are incredibly easy to retrofit and modify to your pool. Furthermore, they don’t need any additional pumps.

The one problem with suction-side cleaners is that they’re not designed with debris cartridges or bags. Instead, they rely on the filter system of your pool to remove debris. The filter can eventually fill up and impede the suction process, so you’re going to give the cleaner some additional attention.

Suction power

Each model has a different suction power, so you should consider the type of debris that regularly pollutes your pool before making your decision. Units with a higher suction power will be able to collect large debris like acorns and leaves. 

Meanwhile, units with a lower suction power can clean up medium to fine-sized debris like small leaves, grass, bugs, dirt, and hair. If your pool collects a lot of leaf litter, then it’s advisable to go for a cleaner with higher suction power.

Bin capacity

Based on the location of your house, your pool might collect a lot of large debris like seeds, twigs, and leaves or a lot of small, fine particles like sand, pollen, and dirt. If your pool fills up with large debris, it’s better to choose a cleaner with a large bin capacity, so it doesn’t fill up quickly. For small debris, a model with a lower bin capacity will work just fine.       

Filter options

Some of the most high-quality pool cleaners are equipped with advanced filters that enable them to trap and remove the smallest particles, along with any disease-causing pathogens from your pool. As a result, you get to enjoy a healthier, cleaner pool without putting too much pressure on your pool’s filtration and pump system. Moreover, along with lowering your power bills, good-quality filters also reduce your dependence on chemicals.

Size and Weight

It’s better to choose a pool cleaner that matches the size of your pool. If you have a small pool, then there’s no sense in purchasing a large pool cleaner. It will weigh more than a smaller unit, making it incredibly difficult to use. It will also be more expensive, forcing you to spend more money than necessary.

On the other hand, larger pools need bigger, advanced, and better-equipped cleaners. If you prefer a battery-powered model, then make sure you select one with a long run-time, so it can easily clean the entire pool. Large pools also fill up with a lot of dirt and debris, so you’ll need a cleaner with a large bin capacity to prevent frequent emptying.

You should also consider the weight of the cleaner as you’ll need to remove it from the pool. Remember that the collected debris and water will increase its weight as well. If you’re going to choose a large unit, then it’s advisable to look for models that come with wheeled caddies as they allow you to roll the cleaner instead of carrying it.

Budget and Costs  

Most pool cleaners cost around $400 to $1200, but the prices of robotic cleaners can go up to $2500. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a quality cleaner. If you have a small pool that collects minimal debris, then a simple Kreepy Krauly will suit just fine.

However, if you have a larger pool that collects a lot of dirt and debris, then you’ll need a bigger budget. It’s advisable to look for models that will clean up the mess more quickly and efficiently. Choose pre-programmed units or models with adjustable units. If you have a large budget, you can also purchase spare parts and a separate leaf canister.

Cleaning Time

All pool cleaners have different pool cleaning cycles, with some taking a longer time than others. The best cleaner is one that does the job as efficiently and quickly as possible while thoroughly cleaning the pool at the same time. Some units also feature several different cycles for different levels of cleaning.

Scheduling Options

Most pool cleaners offer scheduling options for automatic cleaning. Most models come with a standard weekly schedule, but high-quality models boast more customizable scheduling. If you want a cleaner that runs on a set schedule at night or when you’re not at home, then it’s better to choose one with a programmable timer.

These programmable units are perfect for those with a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude. They’re also ideal for individuals going on a vacation who don’t want to come back to a debris-filled pool. However, you’re going to have to leave your cleaner in the pool when you’re gone, so it’s better to have a friend drop by and check up on it every few days.

Moreover, some of the best models come with remotes, allowing you to activate the cleaner from inside the house or from the poolside. These remotes are a nice feature to have as you can easily turn on the cleaner in the morning, so it’s clear by the time you go for a dip in the afternoon.

Other Features

Some extra features can turn an okay cleaner into a great one. Some of them include:

Smart scanning systems

Models with this feature map out the pool’s size and shape for a quick and efficient cleaning path. These are ideal for oddly-shaped pools as this prevents the cleaner from going over the same area, again and again, therefore saving energy.

Swivel cords

This feature prevents the cord of the unit from tangling up. Swivel cords can sometimes be ineffective, but they’re essential if you’re not going to check up on the cleaner when it’s running.

Wall climbing

Wall climbing units are extremely effective in keeping a pool sparkling clean. These models use powered wheels to create suction, which enables them to climb walls, scrub dirt, and remove junk.

However, if you own an above-ground pool, then it’s not advisable to choose a robotic wall climbing cleaner. This is because the angle where the pool wall and floor meet makes wall climbing impossible. Thus, the unit’s wheels are unable to move onto the walls, and they may lose the suction in an attempt to bridge the gap.

However, there are some other options for above-ground pools. These cleaners resemble a mop and move using suction alone. They can maintain enough suction to move from floor to walls, and they’ll clean most areas in the pool.


Pentair uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, materials, and workmanship to develop high-quality and innovative spa and pool equipment. A sixty-day warranty backs most Pentair pool cleaners, but some select models are covered by an extended warranty coverage as well. This coverage gives you peace of mind, so it’s advisable to choose models with longer warranties.

How do Pentair pool cleaners work?

pentair pool vacuums

Pentair robotic pool cleaners keep your pool free from dirt and debris with powerful vacuuming action and scrubbing brushes. These models are more energy-efficient compared to other cleaners because they don’t depend on a booster pump or the pump in your pool. They’re powered by a low-voltage power source, resulting in lower energy costs and easier installation.

Robotic Cleaners

Pentair robotic cleaners are reliable, efficient, and fast. With features like programmable cleaning schedules, remote-control functions, and high-speed scrubbing brush, you’ll certainly find a unit that best suits your needs. Remember that there are different cleaners for above-ground and inground, so choose the right type for your pool. All of Pentair’s robotic cleaners are designed with a top-access filter bin, making it simpler and easier to remove debris.

Suction-Side Cleaners

Suction-side cleaners work by attaching themselves to a skimmer or a vacuum line. These models are affordable, simple to maintain, and easy to operate. Pentair offers several dependable models that ensure reliable cleaning and feature deep scrubbing action, enhanced maneuverability, and higher suction power.

Suction cleaners can further be divided into two types:

Inertia-Driven Suction Cleaners: These units clean your pool in a random pattern. They’ll eventually clean every inch of the pool, but they’ll take a long time doing so than other automatic cleaners due to the random pattern. Inertia-driven units are usually the cheapest automatic pool cleaners and are ideal for pools with curved walls.

Geared Suction Cleaners: These models move around your pool in a predetermined pattern, leading to cleaning your pool quicker than inertia-driven units. They can easily clean tight corners, making them perfect for smaller pools and pools with sharp ledges or steps.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners don’t use your pool’s existing plumbing to pull and move around. Instead, they work by using the pressure from an external pump to move around the pool. These models are generally more powerful compared to suction-side cleaners.

As mentioned above, they work with an extra booster pump, so you’ll need to make a different hose connection in your pool wall. Keep in mind that this operation will be very expensive if your pool is already built. Pressure-side pool cleaners that directly connect to your pool’s existing pump might be inefficient as your pool’s existing plumbing system might not be able to handle the additional load the unit will put it under.  


A pool cleaner is not a cheap investment, so it’s better to go with an established brand. Along with being one of the most popular pool and spa equipment brands, Pentair develops cleaners that are reliable and efficient. Some of their other advantages include:

Intuitive Designs

Being one of the most renowned manufacturers of pool and spa equipment, it’s not surprising that Pentair is up-to-date with all the latest innovations introduced in the field. Whether it’s the latest fiberglass pool and above-ground pool cleaner or the newest pool pump and pool filter products, the brand ensures that it produces only the highest quality units. The company is at the forefront of all water equipment used in spas and pools and has never stopped innovating its products.

Reliable Suppliers and Partners  

Pentair only works with reliable and respectable partners that provide premium, high-quality products. The company focuses on both competitive pricing and quality and ensures that its operations, along with its partners, follow all safety measures.

Extends the Life of a Pool Pump

Most pool cleaners depend on your pool’s pump system for power, which can put additional strain on the pool and its filters. Pentair’s robotic units use their own filters and power source, which extends the life of your pool’s pump system.


Pentair regards customer satisfaction with the utmost importance. Thus, along with developing items that meet their customers’ needs, they also make it incredibly easy for their customers to contact them. Each product category has a different customer hotline, which ensures that the representative handling your problems and queries is well-informed on the products you buy. Furthermore, they provide the address and contact details of the nearest Pentair office in your locality.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the average life of a Pentair pool cleaner?

The long life of Pentair’s products is one of the reasons why the brand is so popular. With proper maintenance and care, their pool cleaners can last for more than eight years.

Can Pentair Pool Cleaner be used for above-the-ground pools?

Pentair has released some models that have been specifically developed for above-ground pools, providing you with the durability, performance, and features you expect from the company. Their above-ground pool cleaners are incredibly easy to maintain and install and boast a long service life.

Pentair offers both suction-side and robotic above-ground pool cleaners. Suction-side models are suitable for pools with ladders or steps and are able to clean around them.

Are Pentair cleaners ideal for inclined surfaces?

Some Pentair pool cleaners can work on inclined surfaces. Models like the Kreepy Krauly Legend boast an efficient booster pump, maximum power, and a front-wheel-drive for optimum traction on inclined surfaces.

Can you leave a Pentair pool cleaner in the pool overnight?

A Pentair pool cleaner is not designed to stay in the water 24/7. If you leave the cleaner in your pool overnight, you can increase Its exposure to destructive and corrosive chemicals, such as shock or chlorine.   

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