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Published on February 2nd, 2023 | by Roger Corbinetti


WaterGuru Sense Digital Pool Water Chemistry Monitor (2023 Update)

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Monitoring the quality of your pool water is essential.

There are several ways to check the pH & chlorine balance of your pool, from pool test kits to digital pool monitors.

The WaterGuru Sense is one of the best pool water chemistry monitors on the market and is our overall top pick for hands-free pool monitoring.

It is installed out of the way in your pool skimmer, reports daily to your phone – and requires no monthly subscription or reagents to function. 

The Sense is truly easy to use without any knowledge of pool chemistry – even if you are colorblind.

In this review we’ll cover all the important details about the WaterGuru Sense, so you can decide if it’s the right product for you.

smart pool monitoring system

Best Features

pool water monitor

The WaterGuru Sense comes with a lot of impressive features.

Everything from build quality to functionality are spot-on, so we highly recommend it.

Here are its key features that we like the most. 


The WaterGuru Sense has a simple, modern design which makes it a great water chemistry monitor for modern users.

The circular white body stays put in your skimmer while it monitors the water flow in your system.

Since the frame is all plastic, it does not rust or damage with constant water exposure. The overall design supports its functioning really well. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

The WaterGuru Sense automatically uploads your daily water readings to your mobile app using BlueTooth.

Accurate Measurements

WaterGuru Sense gives you precise daily measurements of pH, chlorine, temperature, and flow of your pool water. 

Free Lab-Grade Reporting

Unlike most other products of this caliber, you get a lab-grade analysis of your pool water without having to pay a monthly subscription.


With a one-year warranty, the WaterGuru Sense is an impressive choice for pool owners. This user-friendly warranty policy makes it more reliable for buyers.

Treatment Advice

If you know your way through different chemicals used in water treatment, you can customize a treatment plan yourself. You can log the details of the proportion of different compounds in water as you desire. And, then this monitor will check water according to the standards that you have set yourself. 

Mobile App

There is a free mobile app that you can use to keep an eye on the readings that the monitor provides. This app has a clean and easy-to-use layout that you can rely on for checking the quality of water. The manufacturers’ in-app dosing advice can be very useful, too, if you need help understanding the basic mechanism of water treatment. 

Uses Ordinary C-cell Batteries

When it comes to the power supply, the WaterGuru Sense is quite impressive. It uses four C alkaline batteries readily available on the market. These batteries are quite cost-effective, too, so you will have no trouble replacing them when they run out.

Plug and Play

Since this unit has a plug-and-play design, it does not need any professional help for installation.

You just have to unpack it and insert it at the right point in your pool, and it will start working. 

Product Specifications and Technical Details

  • Brand: WaterGuru
  • Power: 4 C type alkaline batteries
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart: 
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Analysis: Lab-grade analysis

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How to use the WaterGuru Sense Digital Pool Water Chemistry Monitor

pool chemical sensor

Using the WaterGuru Sense is not hard at all, even if you are a novice to water treatment. It is a simple device that has an app with a clean user interface, so it is quite easy to operate. 

The skimmer cover plate has sensors to check for the level of different components in water. The lab measurement cartridge assesses water thoroughly and sends the updates to your smartphone. You can follow the instructions given on the quick start guide that comes with the product.  


The WaterGuru Sense is a remarkable pool water monitor that is sure to work well for you for years. However, its only limitation is that it sticks to the surface of the pool and does not come in contact with water on higher levels.

So, it can completely check the water only when it is moving. But, when the water is stationary, it does not accurately measure the components in it. 

Where to Buy 

The WaterGuru Sense digital pool monitoring system can be found on and the WaterGuru main website:

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