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Published on February 15th, 2019 | by Roger Corbinetti


How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool: Factors That Really Matter

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Buying a robotic pool cleaner is the best thing you can do to keep your pool clean.

These modern marvels make it easy to maintain your pool with a lot less work on your part.

You should always strive to keep your pool cleaner than a community swimming pool.  And a robotic pool cleaner can help.

However, choosing the best pool cleaner may seem a daunting task.

There are various options to select from, and they all do not have precisely the same features. People who are buying a pool cleaner for the first time may have a hard time.

The fantastic thing is that this is simpler than it seems. No worries. We have some great tips that will help you purchase the best pool vacuum robot for your swimming pool.

Let’s dive in.

Pool Surface

How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

First of all, you need to know about your pool. Which kind of surface does it have?

Most cleaners nowadays can handle any pool surface.

For fiberglass or stick tile pool surface, start looking for a robotic cleaner having a super grip PVA brush.

Pool Size

How To Choose The Right Robotic Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

For selecting a suitable pool cleaner for your home, pool size is important.

This is because every pool cleaner has a fixed cable length. You don’t need to purchase one to learn later that you needed a cleaner with extended cable length.

Your cleaner has to have sufficient cable to reach each corner of the pool from the power supply. And because the power supply needs to be 12 feet from the pool edge, you want to factor this into your purchase–and pool depth.

For pools, think about both depth and the height.

A good guideline is that it’s far better to have an extended cable than insufficient.

You would not buy a vacuum cleaner after all, with 4-foot a cord. The same holds for pools.

What do you want to clean?

Dolphin Premier review

Some robot cleaners only vacuum the floor of your pool. Others wash cover, pool floors, and the lower wall. There are a few that do all this and also the water and wall line. When it comes to scrubbing, the models do a fantastic job.

So you would like to select a model that excels the jobs you need to do the most.

Naturally the more features it includes, the more costly it’ll be. Search for the models that provide you with more functionality within your budget.

Also, look for the areas of your pool need the help, and buy the one that can work on those areas.

Let’s not stress this enough. Locate your problem areas and find a model that fits your needs.

More Things to Consider


Suction power

Look closely at the suction power, which is usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

For a high suction, over 70 GPM is what you need.

As the number goes up, the pool cleaner becomes more powerful.

Filter Size

Debris / dirt size is measured in microns, which is short for micrometer (one-millionth of a meter).

The smaller the micron value, the smaller the debris a robot cleaner’s filter can clean out from your pool water.

Low micron baskets or filter bags allow your robot disinfect and clean the water.

Descriptive terms like ‘mesh’ or ‘fine’ do not matter. Make sure that the micron value is small if you want to really clean your pool.

Power Washing Jets

Some robot pool cleaner models use power washing jets, and others use brushes.  Some use both.

If you have sand, silt, or dirt particles in your pool, then power jets are the way to go.

Washing jets also work great on pool surfaces where regular brushes cannot reach.


Ensure you get the longest warranty possible with any robot pool cleaner.  2-3 years is common on the best models.

This way, if there is any problem with your pool cleaner, you’re covered by the manufacturer.

They will fix it for you or replace the device, and you won’t suffer a loss.

And believe me: fixing a broken motor or pump on a robot pool cleaner isn’t cheap.

Quality Build

Select a model with a high-quality and sturdy build – simpler is better – so that it will last long and serve you for many years.

If it feels cheap and flimsy, then it is – regardless of the price tag.

Your pool robot needs to be made with quality components and must be durable.

We hope this post can help you make a decision when it’s time to purchase a robotic pool cleaner.

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