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Published on February 1st, 2023 | by Roger Corbinetti


Best Pool Brush For Every Pool Surface: Top Picks, Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for the right brush for your pool? 

You’ve come to the right place.

A good pool brush scrubs the grime and algae off your pool without damaging the liner. It should also be easy to use and last a long time. 

Why Do You Need a Pool Brush?

A lot of dirt gets stuck on the walls and floor of your swimming pool. Algae also grows easily on the pool liner, especially during warm and sunny days. 

Chemicals, dirt, and minerals can also leave stains and residues on your pool wall and floor. All these are not just bad for your pool’s cleanliness and hygiene, they can also damage the pool liner and throw off your pool’s chemical balance (forcing you to use ever-increasing amounts of chemicals). 

Your pool filter will not get all this dirt, algae, and stains during circulation. It only filters out loose debris that’s floating in the water. 

That’s where a pool brush comes in. It scrubs away all that stuff that’s sticking onto the pool liner. It doesn’t actually take it out of the pool – it just loosens it so that the pool filter can pick it up. 

Even if you have a pool vacuum or a robotic cleaner with brushes, you still need to occasionally give your pool a hard scrub. 

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this in-depth buying guide, we recommend the best pool brush for every pool surface including vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, quartz and others. 

We also recommend the best pool brushes for different shapes, sizes and types of swimming pools. 

Later on, we explain the different types of pool brushes and how to choose the right one for your pool. 

If you are also looking for an automatic pool vacuum, see our reviews of the best pressure side pool cleaners.

If you prefer a robotic pool cleaner, we recommend the Dolphin Triton PS for in-ground pools.

Best Pool Brushes 

  1. Best For Vinyl Pools: Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush
  2. Best With Nylon and Wire Bristles: Milliard 17.5 inch Combo Nylon
  3. Best Wire Pool Brush: Poolmaster 20183 18 Inch 
  4. Best Budget: UMARDOO 18” Swimming Pool Brush
  5. Best 360-degree Pool Brush: Blue Torrent 12″ 360 Degree Brush
  6. Best Step and Corner Cleaning Pool Brush: Sepetrel Pool Brush for Step & Corner
  7. Best Wall Cleaning Pool Brush: The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Pool Brush

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Best Pool Brushes
CategoryBristles:Head: WidthWeightPool type:
pool brush
Best for vinyl poolsNylonAluminum and plastic

best pool brushes
Best with nylon and wire bristlesNylon & wireAluminum and plastic
17.5”0.9lbsConcrete, gunite, plaster, tile
Poolmaster 20183
swimming pool brushes
Best wire pool brushWireAluminum and plastic18”0.9lbsConcrete, plaster, gunite
pool cleaning brush
Best budgetNylonPlastic18”0.5lbsVinyl
Blue Torrent
pool cleaning brushes
Best 360-degreePolypropyleneAluminum12”0.7lbs
swimming pool cleaning brush
Best for steps and cornersNylonPlastic7.9”0.5lbsVinyl
Wall Whale
brush swimming pool
Best for wall cleaningNylonPlastic and aluminium

1. Best For Vinyl Pools: Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush 

pool brush





If you have a vinyl or a vinyl-lined swimming pool, the Lalapool 18” pool brush is the best choice. 

The nylon bristles are safe for vinyl, and the aluminum-backed head ensures the pool brush lasts a long time. 


  • Nylon bristles are safe for vinyl pool liners. 
  • Bristles are firm enough to scrub off algae and dirt.
  • Wide cleaning head for faster cleaning. 
  • Curved edges make it easier to clean corners. 
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum head and handle. 


  • Doesn’t reach all corners. 

Our Review 

A pool brush with nylon bristles is the safest choice for vinyl-lined in-ground pools and vinyl above-ground pools. 

The Lalapool pool brush uses nylon bristles that are firm enough to scrub away algae, stains, and dirt, but not too tough that they’ll tear or scratch the vinyl. 

The brush head is 18 inches wide, which reduces cleaning time, especially for a large pool. The edges are slightly curved upwards to give the brush better access to corners. 

The plastic brush head has an aluminum backing and handle. This allows you to push firmly on the brush without worrying it’ll snap off. 

The aluminum construction keeps the Lalapool brush light (it weighs just 0.6lbs) while guaranteeing longevity. 

Like other pool brushes, the Lalapool brush doesn’t come with a pole. But it easily locks onto a standard extension pole. 

Issues & Limitations 

The upturned edges of the Lalapool pool brush help with corner cleaning, but it doesn’t work with all corners. It easily reaches dirt in rounded corners, but struggles with sharp corners. 

Depending on what kind of edges and corners are in your pool, you may need to buy a dedicated corner cleaning brush. Our most favorite one is the Sepetrel step and corner pool brush (reviewed further below).

Bottom Line 

The Lalapool pool brush is best for Pools with a vinyl liner. 

Avoid if: You have a concrete or tile pool. The nylon bristles on the Lalapool brush may not be tough enough to clean away stains and algae. Get a hybrid (wire and nylon) or wire brush instead. 

2. Best With Nylon and Wire Bristles: Milliard 17.5 inch Combo Nylon and Stainless Steel Wire Pool Brush

best pool brushes





The Milliard hybrid nylon and wire pool brush is suitable if you need a bit more power to get algae and stains off a concrete, plaster, or tile pool, but without risking any damage to the pool surface. 


  • Does a great job clean concrete, gunite, and tile pools? 
  • Not as rough as all-wire brushes. 
  • Lightweight and durable plastic and aluminum construction. 
  • Wide cleaning head. 
  • Curved edges for corner cleaning. 


  • Not suitable for sharp edges and corners. 

Our Review 

If you are wary of using an all-wire pool brush on a concrete, plaster, or Pebble Tec pool, the Milliard stainless steel wire and nylon combo brush is a safe choice. 

It scrubs better than a soft nylon brush, but it’s not too tough that it scratches the pool surface. The Milliard pool brush is especially effective against stubborn build-up, stains, and algae. 

The combo Milliard pool brush is also ideal for everyday pool scrubbing. You can use an all-wire brush occasionally to clean particularly stubborn spots, then switch to the Milliard brush for regular cleaning to reduce the risk of damage to the pool surface. 

Note that the Milliard nylon and wire pool brush is not suitable for vinyl pools.

The brush head on the Milliard pool brush is 17.5 inches wide, making it easy to clean a large pool quickly. The edges of the brush head are slightly curved to provide better access to corners. 

The brush head is made with ABS plastic with aluminum backing and handle. This keeps the weight down while making the brush durable. You don’t have to worry about the handle breaking. 

The Milliard pool brush doesn’t come with an extension pole, but it works with standard pool poles. 

Issues & Limitations 

The Milliard pool brush has the same limitation as to the Lalapool pool brush above. The curved ends only work well in rounded edges and corners. 

They are not as effective when you are trying to reach dirt in sharp corners. 

Bottom Line 

The Milliard combo pool brush is best for: Anyone looking for a tough but safe wire and nylon combo brush for concrete, gunite, Pebble Tec, plaster, or tile pool. 

Avoid if: You have a vinyl or vinyl-lined pool. The Milliard pool brush will damage the vinyl. 

3. Best Wire Pool Brush: Poolmaster 20183 18 Inch Stainless Steel Bristles Pool Brush 

swimming pool brushes





A wire pool brush is the best option for getting tough stains and stubborn buildup from concrete and plaster pools. The Poolmaster 20183 is one of the highest-rated wire pool brushes. 

It features a wide 18-inch cleaning head, a lightweight aluminum handle, and five rows of stainless steel bristles. 


  • Great for scrubbing concrete and plaster pools. 
  • Eliminates tough algae and stains. 
  • Lightweight aluminum construction. 
  • Wide brush head. 


  • Pricier and heavier than other types of pool brushes.

Our Review 

If you’ve been trying to scrub away at algae with a regular pool brush without success, upgrade to the Poolmaster 20183 stainless steel pool brush. 

The all-wire bristles easily eliminate algae, scale, dirt, and stains. 

The wide 18” brush head allows you to cover a lot of ground in less time. Like other pool brushes, the head is curved at the ends for improved corner and edge cleaning. However, this design is only effective on rounded edges. 

The brush head on the Poolmaster 20183 is attached to an aluminum backing and handle, which helps keep the brush light and easy to handle. 

The Poolmaster 20183 is compatible with standard pool extension poles. 

Issues & Limitations 

The Poolmaster 20183 is pricier than nylon and combo pool brushes. 

If you are on a budget, consider getting a nylon and wire hybrid brush. You may need to scrub harder and for longer to clean the pool, but it’s cheaper. 

The Poolmaster 20183 is also slightly heavier than other types of brushes, but still light enough for most people to handle with ease. 

Bottom Line 

The Poolmaster 20183 is best for Concrete and plaster pool owners looking for good quality and long-lasting wire brushes that can get rid of stubborn algae, scale, and dirt. 

Avoid if: You have a vinyl or fiberglass pool. A wire brush is not safe for these types of pools. 

4. Best Budget: UMARDOO 18” Swimming Pool Brush 

pool cleaning brush





Shopping on a budget? The UMARDOO swimming pool brush is one of the cheapest we found. It has a standard width of 18”, making it a good value for money. 

The only downside is that it lacks aluminum reinforcement, so may not last as long as other pool brushes. 


  • Low price. 
  • Curved ends.
  • Wide brush head.
  • Safe for all types of pools. 


  • Not as long-lasting as aluminum pool brushes.
  • Not effective on non-vinyl pools. 

Our Review 

The UMARDOO pool brush is one of the best bargains on a pool brush. It’s 18” wide, so you can clean a large pool just as fast as you would with a pricier brush. 

Because the UMARDOO brush is all-plastic, it is lighter than other pool brushes and much easier to handle. All you need is a standard extension pool pole. 

The bristles are made from nylon, so they are safe for all types of pools including vinyl. They are great for removing stains, scale, and dirt from vinyl pool liners. 

The UMARDOO brush has the same raised edges design as other pool brushes, which provides easier access to rounded corners and edges. 

Issues & Limitations 

The reason the UMARDOO is cheaper is that it has an all-plastic design. It lacks the aluminum head and handles common in other pool brushes. 

The upside is that it’s lighter and cheaper. The downside is that it will not last as long as an aluminum pool brush. 

The nylon bristles also have a major limitation – they are not very effective on hard-finished pools such as concrete and plaster. 

For such a pool, we recommend a hybrid or wire pool brush. 

Bottom Line 

The UMARDOO is best for Vinyl pool owners shopping for a budget pool brush. 

Avoid if: You want a brush that can remove algae and buildup on a plaster or concrete pool. Get a wire or nylon and wire brush instead. 

5. Best 360-degree Pool Brush: Blue Torrent 12″ 360 Degree Brush

pool cleaning brushes Amazon



The Blue Torrent 360-degree pool brush is easier to use in a pool with lots of crevices, angles, and corners. 

Because it’s also smaller than a traditional 18” pool brush, the Blue Torrent brush has no trouble cleaning tight spaces. 


  • Great for cleaning corners and tight spaces. 
  • The 360-degree design makes the brush easier to maneuver. 
  • A smaller brush head is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. 
  • Comes with corner-cleaning attachments. 
  • Vinyl-safe polypropylene bristles. 
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum brush head. 


  • Not suitable for concrete and plaster pools. 
  • A smaller brush head takes longer to scrub a large pool. 

Our Review 

A traditional pool brush is great for cleaning pools but works best on large flat surfaces. If your pool has lots of nooks, crevices, and corners, it can be hard to navigate a wide and flat pool brush around them. 

The Blue Torrent 360-degree pool brush is much easier to maneuver around and under tight areas and corners. 

It easily reaches under the steps, goes deep into corners using the corner-cleaning attachments on both ends, and can clean under rocks and other pool features. 

The Blue Torrent pool brush is 12” wide, instead of the standard 18”. The smaller size greatly improves access in tight areas. 

The 360-degree bristles make maneuvering the brush much easier. Since you can scrub the pool from all sides and angles, you don’t have to hold the pool pole awkwardly to clean certain spots. 

The bristles are vinyl-safe polypropylene, while the head has an aluminum backing and handle. The handle connects to a standard pool pole. 

Issues & Limitations 

The polypropylene bristles are not as tough as the nylon bristles in most pool brushes. Many pool owners say they often have trouble brushing away stubborn algae and stains. 

You may want to also get a traditional nylon brush head for the occasional deep clean. 

If you have a plaster or concrete pool, the polypropylene bristles on the Blue Torrent 360-degree brush are no help at all. Get a hybrid (nylon + wire) or wire pool brush instead. 

Bottom Line 

The Blue Torrent 360-degree pool brush is best for Vinyl Pools with lots of corners, crevices, and angles. It is especially suitable for cleaning pool features including rocks and steps. 

Avoid if: You have a plaster or concrete pool. 

6. Best Step and Corner Cleaning Pool Brush: Sepetrel Pool Brush for Step & Corner 

swimming pool cleaning brush





The Blue Torrent 360-degree brush is good for corners, but it’s still not the best corner-cleaning pool brush. That award goes to the Sepetrel pool brush. 

This is a specialty pool brush designed specifically to clean along the edge of the wall, in corners and on steps. It even features a rotating brush head. 


  • A 90-degree bend is great for cleaning corners and steps. 
  • Rotating brush head provides more flexibility.  
  • Vinyl-safe bristles. 
  • Works with standard pool poles. 


  • Not suitable for concrete and plaster pools. 

Our Review 

Traditional pool brushes often come with slightly upturned ends, designed to provide better access to corners. But they don’t really work for sharp corners and steps. 

In contrast, the Sepetrel pool brush has a 90-degree bend on one end. This allows you to scrub sharp corners and pool steps. 

Even the handle is designed for better corner cleaning. It bends to the side and you can rotate it 90 degrees to change the orientation of the brush head. 

The bristles are nylon and are great for scrubbing algae and dirt off a vinyl-lined pool without damaging it. 

The handle is compatible with standard pool poles. 

Issues & Limitations 

The Sepetrel pool brush is a dedicated brush for corners and steps. It’s not suitable for general pool cleaning. So you’ll still need to buy an ordinary pool brush to clean the rest of the pool. 

The Sepetrel pool brush is also not suitable for plaster and concrete pools. It will not damage them, but the nylon bristles are not tough enough to remove dirt, algae, and scale on these surfaces. 

For concrete pools, we recommend a narrow brush like the Milliard 5” heavy duty wire brush. The smaller size provides easier access to corners. 

Bottom Line 

The Sepetrel pool brush is best for: Cleaning pool corners and pool steps. 

Avoid if: You have a concrete pool. Get a smaller wire brush instead.

7. Best Wall Cleaning Pool Brush: The Wall Whale Classic WW18Res Pool Brush 

brush swimming pool





Most pool brushes are terrible for scrubbing the wall. They are awkward to hold and you have to use considerable force to scrub vertically. 

For easy wall cleaning, we recommend the Wall Whale pool brush. It comes with a flap or tail that does the work for you, applying force to keep the pool brush against the wall. 


  • Makes wall scrubbing a lot easier. 
  • Nylon bristles are safe on vinyl pools. 
  • The tail is removable – you can use it with another pool brush. 
  • The adjustable tail angle varies by how much force it applies. 
  • Durable aluminum brush head backing. 


  • Pricey. 
  • Not suitable for concrete and plaster pools. 

Our Review 

The main issue with cleaning the walls using an ordinary pool brush is that it always wants to float away. So you have to hold it down with a lot of force. And because you are pushing it sideways instead of downwards, it becomes even harder. 

The Wall Whale solves this problem using a spoiler-like attachment. The tail that’s attached to the brush head works like the spoiler of a car. It applies downward force, holding the brush against the wall. 

According to the manufacturer, the tail holds the brush with 10 times the force that you would apply with your hands. It’s strong enough that you can hold and move the brush with just one hand. 

Because the downward force can be too powerful and make it harder to move the brush, the angle of the tail is adjustable. 

Adjusting the angle reduces or increases how much force the tail applies. You can even remove the tail completely when cleaning the pool floor and steps. 

By the way, the tail can be attached to any pool brush. When bristles on the Wall Whale brush wear out, simply take out the tail and attach it to another brush. 

Issues & Limitations

We think, and many customers agree, that the Wall Whale pool brush is pricier than it needs to be. Beyond the tail attachment, it’s a basic nylon pool brush that costs twice as much as other pool brushes. 

To its credit, the tail attachment works really well for scrubbing pool walls. 

Another issue is the bristles. They are not suitable for plaster and concrete pools as they are not tough enough to scrub these surfaces clean. 

Luckily, you can remove the tail and attach it to a wire pool brush. 

Bottom Line 

The Wall Whale Classic pool brush is best for: Scrubbing pool walls. 

Avoid if: You don’t need help scrubbing the walls of your pool. You can get an ordinary pool brush for half the price. 

Pool Brush Buying Guide 

above ground pool vacuum robot

Types of Pool Brushes 

Here are the different types of pool brushes you’ll come across when shopping. 

  • Plastic pool brushes – These are the safest pool brushes for vinyl pools. The plastic bristles – which can be either polypropylene or nylon – are tough enough to clear algae and grime but without damaging the vinyl lining. 
  • Hybrid pool brushes – These brushes contain a mix of plastic (usual nylon) and wire bristles. They are great if you need a bit more aggressiveness to remove scale and algae, but without damaging pool lining. Hybrid pool brushes are ideal for plaster, tile concrete, and painted concrete pools. 
  • Wire pool brushes – These brushes have stainless steel bristles that are extra-aggressive on algae, scale and dirt build-up. They are great for plaster and concrete pools. 

What to Look For In a Pool Brush

1. Bristles   

best robotic pool cleaners

The first step is to choose the right bristles for your pool surface. We’ve explained the different types of pool brushes above, based on the types of bristles, and which pool surface they are best for. 

Plastic bristles (nylon or polypropylene) are the best for vinyl pools. Hybrid and wire brushes are best for plaster, concrete, tile and other hard pool finishes. 

2. Width 

The standard width of pool brushes is 18 inches. This provides wide coverage, allowing you to scrub the pool quickly. 

You can get a smaller (about 10 or 12 inches) brush if you want something lighter or want better access to tight areas. 

3. Specialty Brush 

above ground robotic pool cleaner

General-purpose pool brushes are those wide flat ones that are great for cleaning the pool floor. But they are not very good for some areas like corners, steps, and walls. For that, you need a specialty brush. 

Step and corner cleaning pool brushes are curved to easily clean steps and corners. Wall cleaning brushes like the Wall Whale are designed specifically for vertical cleaning. 

360-degree brushes are sort of an in-between option that combines a general-purpose brush with a corner cleaning brush. 

4. Build Quality 

Look for a brush head that has an aluminum backing and handle. This allows you to apply pressure on the brush without worrying it’ll snap. It also increases the longevity of the brush. 

5. Pool Pole Compatibility

Make sure the pool brush you get is compatible with a standard pool pole. Most pool brushes don’t come with a pole. 

Pool Brush: Frequently Asked Questions

best automatic pool cleaner

What kind of brush do I get for my pool? 

An 18” nylon brush is the best choice for vinyl pools, while a wire or wire and nylon brush is ideal for a plaster, concrete or tile pool. 

When should I replace a pool brush? 

When the bristles wear down or start falling out. 

Does a pool brush come with a pole? 

No, it does not. You have to buy a pool pole separately if you don’t already have one. 

How often should I brush my pool? 

A general recommendation is to brush the walls, bottom, and steps of the pool once a week. This ensures dirt, scale, and algae do not build up to the point where they make the pool unhygienic and are difficult to scrub off. 

If you have an automatic or robotic pool cleaner, especially one that also cleans the sides, you can brush the pool less regularly. 

Final Verdict: What is the Best Pool Brush Sold Today?

The Lalapool pool brush is the best choice for vinyl pools, and the Poolmaster 20183 is the best pool brush for concrete and plaster pools.

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