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Published on February 2nd, 2023 | by Roger Corbinetti


Best Hayward Pool Cleaners 2023: Reviews & Guide

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Shopping for a Hayward pool cleaner?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hayward sells many types of pool cleaners for a wide range of applications.

This guide is designed to help you choose the right Hayward pool cleaner for your needs and budget.

What’s In This Buying Guide

Hayward employs the latest pool vacuum technology in the business. Some of the models below have programmable steering and scheduling for example.

This buying guide recommends, compares, and reviews the best pool cleaners made by Hayward.

In addition, we provide a brief introduction to the Hayward lineup and discuss the features to consider when choosing one.

Best Hayward Pool Cleaners

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  1. Best Robotic Pool Cleaner: Hayward AquaNaut Pool Vacuum
  2. Best Budget-Friendly: Hayward Disc Pool Vacuum
  3. Most Efficient: Hayward Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner
  4. Best for Large Pools: Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner
  5. Best Suction-Side Vacuum: Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner
  6. Best for Large Pools: Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner
  7. Quietest Operation: Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum

Pool Size

Hose Length
Hayward AquaNaut Pool Vacuum

Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum (Automatic Pool Cleaner)


16’ x 32’

19 lbs
40 Feet
Hayward Disc Pool Vacuum

Hayward Disc Pool Vacuum


20’ x 40’

15 lbs40 Feet
Hayward Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Hayward Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner



21 lbs32 Feet
Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner


20’ x 40’

42 lbs-
Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner


16’ x 32’

12 lbs40 Feet
Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner


20’ x 40’

19 lbs40 Feet
Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum

Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum


20’ x 40’

18 lbs40 Feet

1. Best Robotic Vacuum: Hayward AquaNaut Pool Vacuum

pool cleaners hayward


The Hayward AquaNaut is made for medium to large-sized pools with its 40-feet long cord. It has a generous two-year warranty period. 

Key features

4-Wheel Drive

The four-wheel assembly of the AquaNaut provides more stability and power.

By giving the vacuum more grip, this system enables it to work in all kinds of pools, i.e., those with an uneven surfaces, irregular shapes, and those made of different materials.

The AquaNaut can clean pool surfaces made of concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble, tile, and gunite.

V-Flex Technology

This patented technology from Hayward deals with larger debris.

If your pool gets stuffed with large debris like leaves, etc., you need a vacuum that can easily suck them up without getting clogged.

The V-Flex features self-adjusting vanes that ensure maximum power at any flow, allowing large debris through.

Adjustable Roller Skirt

This vacuum uses an adjustable roller skirt so it can function properly even on uneven surfaces. It maintains constant suction when encountering an obstacle in its path and when cleaning uneven surfaces.


The AquaNaut has an end-to-end cleaning function. This involves multiple pre-programmed steering sequences, including instructions on when to turn.

The AquaNaut turns every 11 to 14 feet. The steering sequences also ensure that every inch of the pool is covered, whether it is deep or shallow.

It also cleans walls fairly well.

Rugged Tire Treads

In addition to the adjustable roller skirt, the AquaNaut uses rugged tire treads to help navigate uneven surfaces like drains.

These tires never let the vacuum lose its grip.

Interchangeable Throats

You get three different throats when you buy the AquaNaut.

The low throat is used if you have a small pump and a low flow rate. It will maintain suction in these conditions.

The medium throat is the default one and is used for average-sized pools and their filtration systems.

Finally, the large throat is used with large pumps with a high flow rate and variable speed pumps.

pool cleaners hayward


  • Not the best at climbing walls
  • Not the most reliable unit

The Hayward AquaNaut pool vacuum is best for you if

You are looking for a powerful robotic cleaner at a reasonable price.

2. Best Budget-Friendly Vacuum: Hayward Disc Pool Vacuum

hayward navigator pro review


This disc pool vacuum is designed for in-ground pools.

It is energy-efficient, has a random steering pattern, and can clean pools of different sizes and shapes. It is also one of their least expensive options.

Key features

Diaphragm Technology

The Disc pool vacuum uses Diaphragm technology, which is also known as membrane technology. Because of this feature, the vacuum does not make much noise.

One Moving Part

Instead of two or four wheels, this vacuum has a simple design with only one moving part. That part is the disc at the end. Less moving parts means less chance of mechanical error, so you get more years of efficient use.

Swivel Foot Pad

The swivel footpad allows for easy navigation. The vacuum can effortlessly move through and clean tight spots, so it can take care of pool corners effortlessly. This also makes it easy to clean around steps and on walls.

Intake Ports

Instead of one, the Disc pool vacuum has three intake ports, including a side port. More intake ports enable it to clean out dirt, twigs, debris, and pebbles faster and in one go.

Filtration System

This product is highly energy efficient. It relies on your existing pool filtration system, so you do not need to add another pump, which will only suck more power.

hayward navigator pro review


  • Not good at cleaning corners
  • Gets stuck very often

The Hayward disc pool vacuum is best for you if

You want a simple and budget-friendly cleaner for your above-ground pool.

3. Most Efficient: Hayward Aquabug Suction Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

hayward pool cleaner best price


The Hayward Aquabug is one of the more advanced and popular products made by the company. With its 32-feet long hose, it can clean an average-sized pool.

Key features

Gearing System

The Aquabug uses a turbine or gearing system that maintains a stable flow of water. Constant and stable water flow leads to stable movements. Therefore, the Aquabug moves around noiselessly on the pool floor.

Fast Movement

SmartDrive is a Hayward patented steering program.

The steering commands, combined with the head design, make its movements fast.

You can clean your pool completely without missing any spots (corners or otherwise) in minimal time.

Plus, there are bumper rings on the vacuum head, so if it bumps against pool walls during steering, the rings will reduce friction without hindering the movement.


The vacuum does not need an extra pump, rather it uses the existing filtration system of the pool.

While cleaning, it pulls water from the bottom of the pool to improve circulation. If the pool maintains proper circulation, it stays clean.

Easy Operation

With this vacuum, you will not need to change or replace waste bags. It is also very easy to install – no extra tools or equipment are required. It takes maybe ten minutes. 


  • Limited one-year warranty
  • Not suitable for large pools

The Hayward Aquabug Suction above-ground pool cleaner is best for you if

You want an energy-efficient vacuum for a small to medium-sized pool.

4. Best for Large Pools: Hayward TigerShark Robotic Pool Cleaner

hayward pool cleaner best price


The TigerShark is one of the most expensive series made by Hayward. It uses a microprocessor to control the steering and cleaning, which leads to improved efficiency.

Key features


The 24-volt motor used in the TigerShark is highly efficient. It uses less energy while doing the same work as other vacuums. So its high price eventually makes up for itself with the reduced electric bills.


TigerShark has its own pump, which increases its power. More power means it can suck up a lot of dirt and large debris quickly and effectively.

Filtration System

This cleaner is as easy to clean as it is to use.

The cartridge filter is easy to remove and clean.

And since it has its own filtration system, it needs fewer backwash cycles (running water through the filter to remove any build-up in it.)

Quick Clean Cycle

The TigerShark has a three-hour-long cleaning cycle. It is designed to automatically clean walls, floors, and narrow spaces.

Remote Control

Instead of automatic cleaning, if you want to control the steering yourself, you can use the remote control. It will help with navigating irregular shapes, narrow corners, and steps.


  • Expensive
  • Filter capacity is limited

The Hayward Tigershark robotic pool cleaner is best for you if

You clean your pool daily or semi-weekly.

5. Best Suction-Side Vacuum: Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

hayward pool cleaner best price


The Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner uses the suction method for cleaning.

It is available in 2 and 4-wheel styles depending on your pool size. It uses your existing pool pump & filter system instead of its own.

You just need to plug it into the pool suction port or skimmer, whichever one you have.

Key features

Turbine Vanes

This vacuum uses self-adjusting turbine vanes, which means you can change the suction power and have efficient cleaning at any flow.

This movement also allows large debris to easily pass through. The vacuum does not get clogged, so you can leave it to work in peace.

Patented Tire Treads

The biggest problem when cleaning a pool with automatic cleaners is stairs and drains. Many vacuums will not be able to handle them.

However, the patented tire treads used in this model give the vacuum improved maneuverability and climbing ability, so you can use it for all kinds of pool shapes and surfaces, including concrete, tiles, stones, etc.

This unit also uses the Hayward patented adjustable roller skirt to ensure ideal suction on uneven surfaces and over obstacles like rocks.

Steering Sequence

Automatic pool cleaners need pre-programmed steering sequences so they can move around the pool on their own and leave no spot unclean. This vacuum has numerous pre-programmed steering sequences.

The program is designed so that the left wheel periodically reverses, turns, and moves in a different direction. This way, you get full pool coverage. This internal sequence includes traveling eight to ten feet before turning. It turns at the range of 90 to 450 degrees.

Interchangeable throats

There are three interchangeable throats in this vacuum. You can use the small-sized throat for low flow rates, and for larger debris and higher flow rate, you can use the larger throat. This allows for optimal performance in all conditions. 

the pool cleaner review


  • Not as stable as a four-wheel vacuum
  • Not the best at a low flow rate

The W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner is best for you if

You want a lower-cost pool cleaner you can use with your existing variable speed pump.

6. Best Vacuum for Large Pools: Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner

the pool cleaner review


The 4-wheel drive system used in the Hayward Poolvergnuegen pool cleaner is designed for cleaning large and deep pools of size up to 20ft x 40ft. 

Key features

Self-Adjusting Turbine Vanes

The Poolvergnuegen 4-wheel pool cleaner uses signature self-adjusting turbine vanes made by Hayward. They allow for efficient and optimal operation at any flow rate and allow passage for large debris that would otherwise most likely get stuck.

You will not have to keep an eye on it to make sure it is working properly; you can go about your day as usual.

Just like most Hayward pool cleaners, it also has a patented adjustable roller skirt to maintain optimal suction on all surfaces.

Robust Tire Treads

The patented tire treads make the cleaner very stable. It works around any obstacle. You can use it for pools of different shapes, sizes, and uneven surfaces. It does not lose its suction power and keeps cleaning.

The cleaner moves around the corners easily and climbs the stairs as well.

Steering System

This vacuum uses multiple pre-programmed steering sequences. This saved sequence makes sure the pool is clean from all spots. The steering sequences guarantee full pool coverage.

The sequence involves traveling up to 14 feet before making a turn. It can turn from 90 to 540 degrees.

Interchangeable Throats

Like many other Hayward models, this one also comes with three interchangeable throats.

Change them as you wish for the appropriate flow rate, allowing the vacuum to maintain efficient function in all conditions and sucking up large debris with the small ones.

pool cleaners hayward


  • Has difficulty moving over some high surfaces
  • Only for in-ground pools

The Hayward W3PVS40GST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner is best for you if

You have a large pool up to 20ft x 40ft.

7. Quietest Operation: Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum

hayward pool cleaner review


The Hayward Navigator Pro Suction Cleaner uses the Hayward patented SmartDrive technology that allows it to maneuver the pool floor, coves, and walls for complete cleaning.

Key features

Silent Operation

The unique and advanced design turbine-drive system in the Navigator Pro provides silent & smooth operation. You can leave it and enjoy the day in peace.

It also has enhanced vacuum wings and a skirt that improves the vacuum suction power and enables it to clean large debris.

Pre-Programmed Sequence

The Hayward Navigator the SmartDrive feature to move around the floor, walls, and coves of an in-ground pool. Its steering sequence enables it to clean thoroughly and reliably.

It does not stop cleaning until the pool is spotless.

The technology also moves the hose as the vacuum moves around the pool. This eliminates the problem of the hose getting tangled, which is just a nuisance.

Filtration System

Your existing pool filtration system powers this pool cleaner. You do not have to add an extra pump, which also reduces your energy consumption. It connects to the suction port or skimmer in under 10 minutes; you do not need any extra tools or help.

The wide vacuum inlet and wing design allow for a wide suction path that traps debris of all sizes. You also do not need to empty the debris bag every other day, hence, requiring minimum maintenance.

hayward pool cleaner review


  • It can get stuck.

The Hayward W3925ADC Navigator Pro Pool Vacuum is best for you if

You want a reliable automatic vacuum on a budget.

Select the Right Hayward Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

Pool cleaners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types.

Some are made for large pools, some are made for heavy-duty spring cleaning, and some are just for light weekly cleaning.

Here are some things you should check for when buying a Hayward pool cleaner.

Type of Pool Cleaner

There are basically three types of pool cleaners, i.e., suction pool cleaner, pressure pool cleaner, and robotic pool cleaner. Suction pool cleaners use the pool suction line or skimmer that draws water from the top of the pool to its filtration system.

The vacuum uses these to propel itself through the water and clean the surface. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and it is cheap.

A pressure cleaner does not use the pool filtration system. Instead, it has an in-built filter cartridge and a bag to contain the debris.

This way, the pool filter does not get clogged up. After cleaning the water, it returns the water back to the pool and uses this flow to move around in the pool. It might also require an external pump to operate.

Robotic cleaners are a newer technology. They do not need the pool pump; rather, they work on your house electric supply. These are more efficient and reduce your bills. They also clean the walls and steps, so everything is automatic.

Suction power

Suction power in a vacuum is measured in Air Watts. It is the amount of air the vacuum can suck upper watt. More suction power means the vacuum cleans faster and picks up both small and large debris. It also means you will need a powerful motor.

If the vacuum works on the pool filtration system, you need to check its capacity.

Bin capacity

The bin capacity is relevant for pool vacuums that use their own filter, not the pool system filter.

Bin size is measured in liters and determines how long your cleaner can run before it needs to be emptied. The smaller the bin capacity, the more often you have to take it out and replace it. You have to judge the capacity you need according to your pool.

Size & Weight

Size and weight should not be your biggest concern. Hayward vacuums usually weigh 15 to 45 pounds. Bigger robotic cleaners have an in-built pump and filter. They are more powerful and are used to clean large pools.

Budget & Costs

Hayward most expensive and newest pool cleaner series cost more than $1,500. These models have long battery life and a Wi-Fi connection; however, you may not need these features. They also sell more budget-friendly options.

Most of the products reviewed above are budget-friendly, yet they promise good suction power and easily clean large pools.

Cleaning Time

Most of Hayward vacuums use the QuickClean feature to complete their cycle in 90 minutes. 

Scheduling Options

The Hayward AquaVac 6 series has two scheduling options, weekly cleaning mode and 48-hour cleaning mode.

Meanwhile, the AquaVac 500 series has a timer option. You can set it to clean just once, every 24 hours, every two days, or every three days.

Other Features

Other features in Hayward pool cleaners include a remote control. If you manually want to steer the vacuum to clean corners, you can use the remote.

Some newer models also have a Wi-Fi connection, so you can use the Hayward app to control the scheduling and steering. Most of the vacuums have high traction wheels that provide a better grip on the floor.


A Hayward warranty varies from product to product. Some vacuums have just a one-year warranty period while others have two- or three-year coverage.

The warranty covers any defect in materials and workmanship along with the replacement and repair of damaged parts.

However, the warranty does not cover damage during shipment.

How do Hayward pool cleaners work?

pool cleaners hayward

The way Hayward pool cleaners work depends on their type. If it connects to the pool filter system, it means that it has no inner pump, is probably very light, and uses the pool pump to propel through the pool.

If it has a filter and pump of its own, it means it will suck the dirty water in, pass it through the filter, and return the clean water out. You will need to change or clean the filter after some time, depending on its quality.

Meanwhile, if the vacuum is connected to the pool skimmer or suction line, you will not have to change the vacuum filter or waste bag.

The pool system will filter all the debris. The vacuum moves by the pressure that is created as the water is sucked in and released back out.

Most of these vacuums have a programmable steering sequence. They are set to move straight and turn every few feet to cover all the parts. If you want, you can change the sequence, and to control it yourself, you can use the remote.

Advantages of Hayward pool cleaners

Hayward is one of the oldest pool vacuum manufacturers in the world. They are more than 80 years old and sell their products worldwide.

All Hayward products come with a well-tested customer guarantee.

Some of the advantages you get when you invest in a Hayward pool cleaner include:


Hayward vacuums that have their own pump use an efficient 24-volt pump that does not use a lot of electricity. They will give you the same suction power but with less load on your electricity bill. They have multiple other features that improve their performance.

The rugged tires improve stability. It will not lose its footing when moving in the pool, even if it is on an uneven surface. Moreover, the vacuum steering system is programmed to make sure it moves properly and cleans all areas quickly (90 minute period).


Scheduling is important if you want minimum maintenance on your part and want to clean the pool regularly throughout the season.

Hayward only offers a scheduling feature in newer models, but it does have many options, i.e., once a day, once every two days, once every three days, or weekly.


On average, you will find that a good pool vacuum has a three-year warranty period.

The Hayward standard warranty is three years. It replaces and repairs all defunct parts in the vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hayward Pool Cleaners

Can you use Hayward pool cleaner to clean irregularly shaped pools?

Yes, you can use Hayward pool cleaners to clean irregularly shaped pools. The Hayward four-wheel vacuums are very stable and can navigate obstacles and uneven surfaces and the patented rugged tires also help stability.

Is it safe to leave a Hayward pool cleaner in the pool?

Hayward pool cleaners generally last between five and seven years with proper maintenance. But long-term exposure to pool water (which likely has chlorine) results in corrosion and eventual breakdown of the product.

How frequently should you clean your pool with the Hayward pool cleaner?

It depends on your cleaning needs. You should clean daily or weekly avoid overwhelming the unit with lots of debris.

For seasonal cleaning, you will need more time and power.

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