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Published on February 1st, 2023 | by Roger Corbinetti


Best Pool Vacuum for an Intex Pool 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for a pool vacuum for your Intex pool? You’ve come to the right place!

Intex pools can be a blessing all summer till it is time to clean them. All Intex pool owners know the hassle of cleaning and maintaining it. It can be a tiresome process unless you know how to do it right.

To help you with it, we have put together a buyer’s guide that will pave the way for you to find the most suitable Intex pool vacuum.

Why You Need a Pool Vacuum for Your Intex Pool

We often undermine the work and time that goes into the maintenance of an Intex pool once we purchase it. This is where pool vacuums come in handy.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now various types of pool cleaners available. From suction pool cleaners to robotic pool cleaners for above-ground pools, they can help significantly reduce the cost and effort.

What’s In This Buying Guide

In the following guide, you will find reviews of the best pool cleaners that will help you land the most suitable pool vacuum for your Intex pool.

We have reviewed the top five pool vacuums from all categories (suction, hand-held, pressure, robotic) that you should consider and discussed the features, benefits, and usage-related queries in great detail.

Best Pool Vacuums for an Intex Pool

  1. Best Overall: Kokido EV05CBX Telsa 5 
  2. Best for Lightweight Construction: Bestway 58212-19 Flowclear 
  3. Best in User-Friendly Design: Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo
  4. Best Smart Design: XtremepowerUS 75037
  5. Best in Performance: Pool Blaster Max Cordless 

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Best forBuiltWeightCompatibilityManual or Automatic
Kokido EV05CBX Telsa 5 
best pool vacuum for intex
Lightweight Construction
Lightweight telescopic aluminum pole
1.76 pounds18ft diameter poolsAutomatic shutoff feature
Bestway 58212-19 Flowclear
automatic vacuum for intex pool
Small Intex PoolsAluminum pole, Cordless Design3.29 pounds15ft diameter poolsAutomatic built-in water sensor
Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo
automatic pool cleaner for intex pools
User-friendly designCordless Design14.85 pounds30ft diameter poolsManual operation
XtremepowerUS 75037
automatic pool cleaner for intex pools
Smart Design

Lightweight and handy standalone

12 pounds
30ft diameter pools
Manual operation
Pool Blaster Max Cordless
intex ultra frame pool vacuum

Cordless design

5.5 pounds
25ft diameter pools
Automatic Purifier

1. Best Overall: Kokido EV05CBX Telsa 5 

intex above ground pool vacuum cleaners


Our first pick, the Kokido EV05CBX handheld vacuum cleaner is a great choice for small-sized Intex pools.

It is a pretty self-sufficient vacuum that takes only around four hours to charge, so there is no need to hook it up to your pump or carry filter maintenance. Overall, it is a great pick for those who own small Intex pools and their main concern is affordability.


  • It comes with two interchangeable brush heads
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries included that offer 50-minute continuous operation
  • High-performance suction power
  • USB cable included for easy recharging
  • Lightweight telescoping aluminum pole for easy usability


  • It can be a bit pricey for some.

Best Features

Ideal for Small IntexPools

There is no better rechargeable handheld vacuum than this one for cleaning small Intex pools. It is also effective in spot-treating bigger pools. The filtration device aids in cleansing the water while vacuuming the dirt.

Auto-Start Up Once the Cleaner is Put in Water

This auto-start option is super convenient as it helps the device turn on instantly as soon as it is underwater, while the magnetic contact of the main’s switch prevents water seepage. The swinging wheeled design also helps with the cleaning.

Cordless and Lightweight Construction

The user-friendly interface of this appliance allows for easy configuration. The main switch comprises a magnetic contact that helps in preventing water seepage.

Easy Charging

This pool vacuum has a lithium-ion battery installed and comes with a USB charging cable. The LED light indicates when it is on charge.


vacuum for intex above ground pool

  • Dimensions: 105x17x14 cm
  • Weight: 3.1 grams
  • Material Type: Plastic

Customer Feedback

The majority of customers like the cleaner’s efficiency when it comes to getting rid of most of the debris. It has a suction-style vacuum that people with sand and algae in their Intex pools have found super helpful.

One common issue for most people is that there is no indicator light or any vibration that comes into effect when the unit is in use. This makes it impossible to tell if the unit has stopped functioning at a given point in time.


Overall, the Kokido EV05CBX handheld vacuum cleaner comes at a good value for money, has a sturdy build, and performs better than its counterpart models.

2. Best for Lightweight Construction: Bestway 58212-19 Flowclear 

best pool vacuum for intex


The Bestway AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum is a great choice for those looking for an easy-to-set-up pool vacuum for large Intex pools. It is the latest model from Bestway that can work effectively on both above-ground and in-ground pools.


  • It offers a good value for the money
  • It consists of a spacious top-loading filter cartridge
  • Smart navigation helps with the efficiency so that there are no missed spots
  • The active brush enhances overall cleaning performance
  • It comes with power-saving DC motors


  • The ultra-fine filter is sold separately
  • No anti-tangle cable

Best Features

High Powered Water Jet

This unit employs the use of a battery-powered pump that eradicates the need for any electrical cords, making the process hassle-free.

Its handle is ergonomically designed for an easy grip and has a locking mechanism. The pole of the vacuum can extend as far as 5 feet, making it a great choice for small pools.

Quick to Assemble

Users can put this unit together without the use of any tools. The only accessory required is eight AA batteries that have to be bought separately.

It has underside wheels for smooth operation, along with a well-designed debris bag that can be emptied out within seconds.

Convenient Usage

intex auto pool cleaner reviews

This vacuum only needs to be connected to the filter pump for the cleaning to begin. After this, the dirt transfers to the reusable and removable leaf bag.

The user also has a choice between two nozzles that can be linked to the pole along with a brush to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Lightweight Design

The design employs the use of four lightweight aluminum poles that come together to make a seven-foot pole. It is best used for pools that have a diameter of 15 feet or less.


  • Minimum pump flow rate: 530 gallons per hour
  • Dimensions: 19.7-foot long vacuum hose measuring 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Weight: 2.89 pounds

Customer Feedback

From the reviews we have gone through, the majority of customers are happy with the Bestway 58212-19 Flowclear AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum because of its high-quality cleaning performance at a low price.

Many customers highly appreciate the inclusion of multiple aluminum poles, adapters, and nozzles as it gives them a lot of freedom to work with.

The only concern of some users is that it can be difficult to connect different components together, not to mention the time it takes. And if you are not careful, you might end up breaking the head.


The Bestway 58212-19 Flowclear AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum does its job as promised. The flexible components it includes offer user convenience at its best, at a price that is still affordable.

3. Most User-Friendly Design: Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo 

pool vacuums for intex pools


This pool cleaner model by Zodiac is the same as the Baracuda Ranger but is made by the same company for online distribution, which means it is just as effective.

It is a great suction cleaner and works quite well in all above-ground pools by connecting directly to skimmers. Its 30-feet hose allows it to clean large-sized Intex pools well.


  • Works quietly while thoroughly cleaning the Intex pool surface
  • Employs an advanced hydrodynamic design that reduces maintenance costs
  • It comes pre-assembled that makes installation quick without requiring any tools.
  • It contains a patented “Easy Access System” that allows you to independently service the product, thereby eliminating maintenance costs.


  • The construction quality is average and it does not ensure durability.
  • Some users have found the debris bag hard to clean.

Best Features

Extra Large Wheel Deflector

Its large wheels allow the vacuum to move freely on level changes in the form of steps or ladders and even on edges so that no area of your pool surface is left untouched.

Large-Sized Hose

Its hose is 30 feet in total length and can be stretched out in increments of 3 feet to cover the farthest side of your pool.

Smooth Operation

The vacuum employs only one operational moving part on the inside. There are no gears, wheels, or flappers that translate to simple operation and maintenance, with negligible noise creation.

Hyper Disc and Self-Adjusting Compact Valve

The overall design of the pool vacuum allows it to glide smoothly along the bottom of the pool and even up the sides for thorough cleaning.

It also has a self-adjusting flow control valve that helps in regulating water flow without any manual input by the user.


  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 16.2 x 8.9 inches
  • Weight: 14.85 pounds

Customer Feedback

The Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo vacuum cleaner has been on the market for a long-time now and has earned praise from the majority of its users for its large capacity hose that can lift away heavy debris.

A common complaint amongst users is with the quality of the material used on the Zodiac Baracuda Wahoo vacuum cleaner.

Some users have not found it to be durable and can easily be stained if the pool water has chemicals included.


If you are looking for good quality and reliable unit, the Zodiac W70482 Baracuda Wahoo vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice. It is best for people who deal with a lot of debris in their Intex pool.

4. Best in Smart Design: XtremepowerUS 75037 

automatic pool cleaner for intex pools


If you are looking for a pool vacuum that has multiple flexible features for easy usability, this is the one to go for. Not only does it perform well but it also promises good value for the money; making it a win-win product.


  • The swivel action allows it to change direction and clean edges.
  • Does not need electricity to operate
  • Only has one detachable part that makes it easy to maintain
  • Can effectively clean sides of the pool too
  • The silicon material used as the cleaner head ensures the removal of tough stains and algae


  • The vacuum can get clogged by the presence of large-sized debris such as twigs or leaves.

Best Features

Silicone Ripple Cleaner

The material used for the cleaner ensures smooth operation on different surfaces and is also effective in fighting against stubborn algae and stains.

Adjustable Cleaner

The cleaner is flexible in nature and can also climb the walls of your pool. It is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground pools.

Removable Flapper

vacuum for intex easy set pool

The flapper is designed to discourage debris accumulation inside the unit. So, you have the option to take out the screw from the piffle plate. Pull out the flapper to remove the debris and then insert it back in, snapping the plate close again.

Adjustable Hose

The length of the hose is pretty adjustable to ensure cleaning of far-away corners. This also makes it easy to position it on the pool’s surface.


  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 5.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Customer Feedback

The XtremepowerUS 75037 automatic pool cleaner has mostly received positive customer response because of its fast and thorough cleaning. It does not call for much maintenance, and it’s built sturdily.

The only concern people have with this is that the unit gets jammed if there is large-sized debris. The solution to this is to use a leaf raker prior to using this pool vacuum cleaner.


The XtremepowerUS 75037 pool vacuum is a great bargain as it contains features and performance of pricier Intex pool vacuum cleaners but costs a lot less.

5. Best in Performance: Pool Blaster Max Cordless 

intex ultra frame pool vacuum


Pool Blaster Max is designed for deep-cleaning above-ground pools and is a great choice for those looking for excellent quality within an affordable budget. It can remove large-sized debris and offers many flexible features.


  • This model offers increased power in vacuum suction using the Water Tech P30 Motor design.
  • Includes a detachable 10.5” head for hard-to-reach spots in the pool
  • Designed with a large debris capture chamber and strong suction that allows it to suck away any sort of debris including twigs
  • The operation does not call for any hoses or cords.
  • The lithium-ion-powered battery can operate for a whole hour.


  • The standard telescopic pool pole to which the vacuum has to be attached to has to be bought separately, which adds to the purchase cost.

Best Features

Water Tech P30

This pool vacuum has comparatively higher suction capacity because of the inclusion of the Water Tech P30 motor box that is specially designed for quick and efficient debris pick-up.

Run Time

The cleaner does an intensive cleaning job within an hour without using any cord or hose, after which it can be recharged in under four hours.

Quick Operation

automatic pool cleaner for intex pools

It can clean the entire pool within seconds if there is only dirt and dust using its 10.5″ vacuum head and brush, transferring everything to the large debris capture chamber.


  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

Customer Feedback

Most customers praise this pool vacuum cleaner for its ability to run for a continuous 1.5 hours before it requires a recharge.

One area of frustration for some users has been that it is only good for sediment collection and does not get rid of leaves and twigs at all.


The Pool Blaster Max has no cords that need to be dealt with and performs quite well underwater due to its large scrub head and spacious filter bag. Overall, it is a great choice for people who have large Intex pools.

Best Pool Vacuums for an Intex Pool

intex above ground pool vacuum cleaners

How is Cleaning IntexPools Different?

Cleaning an Intex pool is super easy if done right. The first thing you need to take care of is the surface. Here we don’t mean architecturally; we mean the water floating atop the pool.

If you have left the pool uncovered for quite some time, you will probably have debris and leaves covering the water. The easiest way to get rid of these is by using a leaf catcher net or leaf rakes.

Leaf rakes consist of a large bag and an angled nozzle to suck in the large and small debris off the pool floor. Since Intex pools are made from vinyl, it makes them vulnerable to thin biofilm bacteria that can grow on the surface.

Users can prevent this by using a nylon brush that can help distribute chemicals and prevent the formation of any stains on the liner or any folds and wrinkles.

The last step is to cover the pool with an Intex cover to avoid future dirt and debris collection atop the surface. Trimming the nearby trees also helps.

Why Buy a Pool Vacuum for an IntexPool

If you own an Intex pool, it is impossible to not have dirt or debris accumulating inside and settling on its surface. To get rid of these, you need a system that does not require you to jump inside the pool and scrub the surface.

This is where pool vacuums come in handy. They are specially made for maintaining the pool ground. They work to cleanse the water by getting rid of the debris.

They do so by transferring all the debris to the filter bag that can be detached and opened to discard the debris.

What to Look for in a Pool Vacuum

When you set out to purchase a pool vacuum cleaner, you need to be aware of certain aspects before you make the final decision.

Keep in mind that whatever model you decide to go for, first take into consideration the size of your pool and the frequency at which you will require maintenance.

Other factors to consider include:


There are varied prices for pool vacuums in the market, depending on their type and features. Generally, suction models tend to be the most inexpensive, followed up by pressure cleaners. The most expensive options are generally robotic pool vacuums.

When it comes to price, remember that you get what you pay for. So, while it is okay to choose a certain type for its affordability, do not negate its brand and quality for the low price.

Automatic or Manual

Automatic or Manual Cleaner

This purely depends on the size of your Intex pool. An automatic pool cleaner will be the best for larger ones, while smaller pools can make do with a manual cleaner.

Type of Debris:

If you are dealing with mid-sized debris such as sand, dead insects, or small leaves, go for a suction cleaner. For larger-sized debris such as twigs, large leaves, and acorns, a pressure side cleaner will be the most suitable. If you want the best of both worlds, a robotic pool vacuum may be your best bet.

Power and Flow Rate:

The performance of an above-ground pool vacuum is measured in power and flow rate. The power is determined by the size of the motor in the range of 0.5HP and 2.0HP.

Meanwhile, the flow rate is the capacity of a vacuum to pump a certain volume of water against time and is measured in gallons per hour (GPH).

So, if the pump is too powerful it will put the cleaner under stress and shorten its lifespan. If the cleaner has more capacity than the pump, it will be less efficient.

Filter system:

There are two basic types of filtration mechanisms: Bagged and bagless vacuums. Suction side cleaners are equipped with a bagless vacuum that relies on the filter system of the pump, reducing its lifespan.

Meanwhile, pressure and robotic pool vacuums are equipped with filter bags that can be detached to dispose of the debris they collect and therefore have no impact on the pool pump filter.


The length of a hose determines the running efficiency of the pool vacuum. Ideally, for above-ground pools, the cleaner should have a hose at least as long as the pool’s diameter. There should be some gap from the skimmer.

Detachable hoses allow for expansion or shortening of the hose as per the user’s requirement.


If you purchase a pool vacuum with multiple components, its maintenance will be a more intensive process.

Suction pool vacuums are low maintenance as they have the fewest components or a separate filter bag that needs to be detached and emptied, unlike pressure and robotic cleaners.

Pros and Cons 

Pros and Cons

Even though the advantages and drawbacks of a pool vacuum cleaner are highly dependent on the type you go for, we have expanded on the generic advantages of having a pool vacuum cleaner below;


Superior Cleaning Skills

Pool vacuum cleaners are incomparable to a manual cleaning done using a brush and a bucket of water. They are designed to navigate smoothly to hard-to-reach spots and steps, ensuring the elimination of all types of pollutants.

Quick Operation

Pool vacuum cleaners are able to clean a small Intex pool within seconds if it has minimum debris. They are made to save you from wasting hours trying to get into the nooks and crannies of the Intex pool and still be left with some debris here and there.

Most units can run for a good 1.5 hours to completely get rid of all small and large-sized debris.

Industrial-Quality Brushes

Pool vacuums come with high-quality and long-lasting brushes that are gentle on the Intex pool surface as it is fragile in comparison to the concrete or marble walls of in-ground pools.


Energy Consumption

Some models require electricity to run such as the suction-type pool vacuums. This adds up to the electricity bills in the long run.

Even if the automated system runs on battery, once it is switched on, it will keep running continuously until manually switched off.

Manual Cleaning

In certain seasons such as autumn, fallen leaves can cover the surface of an uncovered Intex pool. So, when you start cleaning, those leaves are going to quickly fill the debris collection net or basket, which will have to be manually emptied out to ensure the proper functioning of the vacuum.


Pool vacuum cleaners that come with cords run the risk of getting electricity in water if a technical or hardware failure occurs.

With electrically powered cleaners, one always has to be extra cautious in handling them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

pool vacuums for intex pools


Maintaining a pool vacuum cleaner is an easy task. However, the process depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you have for your Intex pool.

We have discussed cleaning methods for each type below, using which you will be able to extend the life of your sweeper;

Suction Sweeps:

Before putting your suction pool vacuum to use, make sure to flush your plumbing lines. After that, switch on the filtration system for at least five minutes to ensure that it is properly flushed.

Remove the suction pool vacuum from the Intex pool if you intend on adding pool chemicals.

To store it away, drain it and unlink it from the hose sections. Then store the unit and its hoses in a dry, shaded place.

Pressure Sweeps

Maintenance for pressure sweeps is similar to what has been mentioned above, except that this type uses a filter bag to collect debris.

Therefore, an added step to maintenance for this unit would be to not let the bag get completely filled up so that there is no damage to its lining due to overload.

Robotic Sweeps

For this type, make sure to disconnect the power source before removing it from the pool. After that, drain it and use a cloth to sweep it dry.

Make sure to empty and clean its filter element on a regular basis. For storage, keep it in a dry, shaded place along with its electric cord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How often does the Intex pool require vacuums?

The frequency of vacuuming an Intex pool purely depends on the frequency of usage and the pool size. If the pool is used only several times a month, a weekly cleaning session is sufficient.

For frequent usage, vacuuming every third day is necessary. If you cannot run a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, make sure to cover your Intex pool so that there is minimum debris accumulation.

How long do pool vacuums last?

The reasonable lifespan of a pool vacuum cleaner depends on the brand and type of cleaners. Generally, cleaners under $300 last for about two seasons. Those who opt for pricier options over $500 may find their vacuums lasting four seasons.

Final Verdict: What is the best pool vacuum for an Intex pool, and why 

According to our review, the best Intex pool cleaner is the Kokido EV05CBX Telsa 5 Handheld Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaner due to its lightweight construction of 1.76 pounds and its automatic shutdown feature that is not seen in other units at this price point.

All in all, you are sure to get good value for your money if you choose this one.

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