With the summer season approaching, it's time to maintain the Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit K-2006C Review

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Published on February 2nd, 2022 | by Roger Corbinetti


Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit K-2006C Review

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With the summer season approaching, it’s time to maintain the chemistry of your pool.

It is not only essential for your health, but it also protects your pool and pool equipment from damage.

taylor test kit k-2006c

That’s where a pool water test kit comes into play.

While it’s tough to keep the chemicals in balance in your pool, the Taylor Service K-2006C water test kit can help you understand exactly what’s going on in the water.

This water test kit is ideally designed to provide an advanced chemical analysis of your pool. It is suitable for a range of tests, and you can determine readings for alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, acid demand, and so on. 

Everything included in the package comes in a nice and durable storage case with multiple slots. The chemical reagents are packed in 0.75-ounce bottles that are enough for more than a few seasons, depending on how often you perform the test. 

It is fairly accurate and easy to use. Since the kit uses titrations, you don’t have to deal with color-matching problems. The good thing is that this particular product is suitable for all types of pools, be it commercial or residential. 

Moreover, the kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you take each test and restore your pool’s chemical balance.

Overall, this pool water test kit lives up to the expectations and offers peace of mind regarding your swimming pool water status. 

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Taylor Technologies
  • Model: K-2006C
  • Weight: 3.78 pounds
  • Testing style: Drops
  • Product Type: Pool Accessories 



taylor k-2006c

Tylor Technologies is an internationally acclaimed brand for introducing user-friendly products to its customers.

The K-2006C is packed with a punch and delivers exactly what they promise.

Seven Tests:

If you want to carry out a comprehensive test for your pool’s maintenance, this kit is the right choice.

It allows you to conduct seven different tests at one time, including:

  1. Total and Combined Chlorine,
  2. pH
  3. Alkalinity
  4. Bromine
  5. Acid
  6. Base Demand
  7. Calcium hardness
  8. Stabilizer 


The package includes a comparator that is easy to use. It helps you match colors without any struggle.

FAS-DPD Titration

Being a titration drop water testing kit, it makes free and combined chlorine testing easy and more accurate.

Pros and Cons

What’s better than jumping in your pool or relaxing by the pool on your patio on a hot summer day? While there are a number of options on the market, let’s see how the Taylor Service K-2006C kit outperforms the others.



This kit mainly stands out to us for being user-friendly. All the reagents are nicely organized in the case, and you can always refer to the instruction manual to carry out the test flawlessly. Moreover, the titrations save you from the color-matching hassle. 

Accurate Readings

From chlorine to acid demand, this kit offers accuracy in all readings. You can even calculate calcium hardness levels in the water with this product.

Comprehensive Kit

The kit can not only test acid and base demand, free and combined chlorine, bromine, pH, and alkalinity, but it helps the user determine calcium hardness and stabilizer levels as well.

These additional tests make this test kit an all-rounder. 

Plenty of Reagent

The kit comes with enough reagents to help you carry out multiple tests. The large bottles tend to last for over two seasons at least. 


While there are so many plus points of this particular kit, it has some limitations as well.


One of the major drawbacks of this kit is its hefty price tag. So, if you are on a tight budget, this is not the best choice for you.

Room for Improvement

There are complaints about the DPD powder, which can use some improvement for better results. 

How to Use The K-2006C Pool Test Kit

Using the Taylor Service K-2006C kit is not as daunting as it might seem.

In fact, it comes with a detailed instruction manual.

In this section, we explain the process so you can get a feel for what you’re up against.

taylor k-2006c 350

Step 1: Test for Chlorine

Take the small tube and fill it to the 9ml mark with the pool water.

Now add five drops of R-0001 and R-0002 each. Invert the tube upside down to mix and then compare the color to determine the free chlorine reading.

Then add five drops of R-0003 and mix it gently. Immediately compare the color to know the value of Total Chlorine. 

You can subtract free chlorine from total chlorine in order to determine the combined chlorine reading.

Step 2: Test for Bromine

Rinse the tube and fill it with the sample water up to 9ml.

Add five drops of R-0001 and R-0002 each and mix them.

Compare the color to know the bromine reading.

Step 3: Test for pH

Take the large tube and fill it with pool water to 44ml.

Now add five drops of R-0004 and mix it by inverting it upside down.

Compare the color in the tube to the standards. In case the color lies between two values, the pH value would be the average of these values. 

Step 4: Test for Acid Demand

Use the sample water from the pH test and add R-0005 drop by drop.

Make sure to count the drops and mix in between the drops.

Continue adding the solution until the desired pH is achieved. 

Step 5: Test for Base Demand

Take the treated sample from the pH test and add R-0006 drop-wise.

Count each drop and mix the contents gently.

Keep adding and comparing the color until the desired pH is matched.

Step 6: Test for Total Alkalinity

Fill the large tube with pool water to 25 ml and add two drops of R-0007.

Mix it and then add five drops of R-0008. Swirl it gently until the solution turns green.

Then add R-0009 drop by drop while keeping count and mix until the color becomes red.

Multiply the number of drops used by 10 to calculate the total alkalinity of water. 

Step 7: Test for Calcium Hardness

Carefully rinse the large tube and fill it with pool water to the 25ml mark.

Then add 20 drops of R-0010 and swirl it gently. Next, add five drops of R-0011L and mix. The color will become red if calcium hardness is present.

Then add R-0012 dropwise and count the drops until the color turns blue. Multiply the drop count by 10 to determine the calcium hardness reading. 

Step 8: Test for Cyanuric Acid

Fill the sample water in the tube to 7ml and add R-0013 to the 14ml mark.

Mix it for 30 seconds and transfer the cloudy solution to the small tube.

Continue this until the black dot on the bottom disappears when you view it from the top.

Check the liquid level on the back of the compactor block to determine the cyanuric acid level in ppm. 

How It Compares With LaMotte 2056 ColorQ

When it comes to pool accessories, both LaMotte 2056 ColorQ and Taylor Service K-2006C kit compare most closely.

Here is a brief comparison to help you choose between the two.


While the Taylor Service K-2006C kit is a titrimetric water testing kit, the LaMotte 2056 ColorQ is a digital tester that gives you a digital reading of the test results, saving you from the hassle of color comparison.

Ease of Use

LaMotte 2056 ColorQ uses a photometer to measure changes in water rather than titration, making it more user-friendly than the Taylor Service K-2006C kit.

Moreover, the digital reading makes the LaMotte more suitable for colorblind people.


As far as the accuracy is concerned, nothing matches the Taylor Service K-2006C kit.

The problematic error codes in LaMotte 2056 ColorQ tend to mess with the accuracy in test results.  

Where to Buy

You can buy the Taylor K-2006C kit on Amazon and at finer pool supply stores nationwide


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