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Published on April 17th, 2018 | by Roger Corbinetti


Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Aquabot S600 Prime Robotic Pool Cleaner Review Roger Corbinetti


Wall Cleaning
Energy Efficiency
Floor Cleaning

Summary: The Aquabot S600 is a super-efficient robotic pool cleaner that cleans any pool up to 50ft in less than one hour. Clear top-loading filter makes it easy to tell when it needs cleaning.


Energy efficient and fast.

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NOTE: in 2020, Aquabot closed its doors and stopped making robotic pool cleaners.

The following article represents our latest review of their product before the company shut down.

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  • 60’ 360-degree swivel cable
  • Intelligent pool mapping
  • Dual motor system for better propulsion and suction
  • High-traction rubber tread
  • Top-access filter cartridge with clear cover
  • Plug-and-play


The Aquabot S600 Prime uses its two motors and advanced navigation system to clean your pool in less than an hour, using far less energy than most robotic pool cleaners.

It’s one of the newest additions to Aquabot’s lineup of residential pool cleaners.It comes with several new features including a dual motor system, an active scrubbing brush, and center vibrating sweeper brush, a pool scanning system and a high-traction rubber tread.

It’s not the cheapest robotic pool cleaner around, but it’s an investment worth making. Your pool will stay cleaner and healthier.You’ll use significantly fewer pool chemicals, and your pool pump system doesn’t have to work as hard which means lower electricity bills.

It’s one of the best investments for any in-ground pool owner.

Keep reading for our full review of the Aquabot S600 prime.

Cleaning Ability

Aquabot S600 Prime

The Aquabot S600 is a plug-and-play robotic pool cleaner. There is no setup required, just connect it to a grounded power outlet and drop the unit into the pool.

Once in the water, it doesn’t just rove around aimlessly hoping to cover as much ground as possible. It’s equipped with the patented AquaSmart Gyro System.

This advanced pool scanning system is powered by a microprocessor that determines the layout of the pool and selects the most efficient cleaning path that will cover the entire pool in the shortest time possible.

For future cleanings, it memorizes you pool’s layout for fast and efficient cleaning every time.

As it moves along the pool floor, walls, cove and waterline, the S600 deploy scrubbing brushes and powerful suction to pick up and filter debris.

An active scrubbing brush moves back and forth rapidly to dislodge debris and algae stuck on the pool surface. A center vibrating sweeper brush gathers all that debris for vacuuming using a dedicated filtration motor.

Yes, this a dual-motor pool cleaner. There’s a motor for propelling the unit and another for filtering the dirt in the pool.

Aquabot S600 Prime

Having a dedicated vacuum motor creates a powerful suction for faster and better cleaning. In fact, the S600 can cycle up to 75 gallons of water per minute. That’s why it takes an hour or less to clean your pool.

Features We Like

1. High-traction Rubber Tread

Aquabot S600 Prime

One of the most common issues with wheeled robotic pool cleaners is that they keep getting stuck on obstacles like drains. They also don’t scale the wall as well, sometimes reaching only halfway up and leaving you to scrub the rest of the wall manually.

The S600 Prime ditches wheels for a rubber tread. The commercial-grade rubber has high traction which allows it to grip the pool surface strongly. This allows the pool cleaner to easily move over obstacles and climb the walls without getting stuck.

Because it’s a dual motor pool cleaner – meaning there is a motor dedicated specifically to propulsion–the tread has enough power to handle anything in the pool.

If you’ve had to keep rescuing your previous pool cleaners when they get stuck on the inlet or the stairs, get the Aquabot S600 Prime. With it, you can relax and let the pool cleaner do its job.

2. 360-degree Swivel Cable

Aquabot S600 Prime

There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly having to untangle a pool cleaner cable. Fortunately, swivel cables have become more common even among cheaper robotic pool cleaners.

The S600 uses a 360-degree swivel cable to ensure the pool cleaner can move about in the pool without the cable getting into its way.

I’ve not seen any customer complaints about the cable getting tangled during cleaning.

3. Top-access Filters with Clear Cover

Aquabot S600 Prime

The S600 can pick up debris as large as small rocks and sand and particles as small as algae and fine dust.

All the debris is collected into the large filter cartridge.There is a ‘cartridge full’ indicator to tell you when it’s time to empty and clean the filters.

To access the filters, you don’t need to turn the pool cleaner upside down. Open the clear polycarbonate top lid and pull the filter cartridge out. Empty the collected debris and hose it down before putting it back into the pool cleaner.

The filters are so easy to access that you don’t even need to take the pool cleaner out of the water completely.

If the cartridge fills up midway during cleaning, gently pull up the cleaner to the surface of the water and open the lid to remove the filters.

4. Auto-Cleaning Programs

Aquabot S600 Prime

You can set the S600’s cleaning cycle to run for 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours depending on how dirty your pool is.

You can also schedule the pool cleaner to automatically clean every 2, 3 or 4 days depending on how quickly dirt and debris build-up in the pool.


  • Powerful dual motor system that boosts propulsion and suction power for better, faster and more efficient cleaning.
  • Energy efficient. The S600 uses a fraction of the power of other pool cleaners and reduces the amount of energy used up by your pool pump system.
  • Free caddy included. This robot cleaner is heavy, so the caddy is handy for moving it to and from the pool.
  • Works on all pool surfaces and cleans all areas including the floor, wall, cove, and waterline.
  • You can set an auto-cleaning schedule, a big plus if you have a busy schedule.
  • Top-access filters with a see-through top.


  • The cleaner is heavy
  • No remote control


  • For inground pools up to 50’ in length
  • 60’ floating swivel cable
  • Dry weight: 25 lbs
  • 3-year warranty


Aquabot S600 Prime

The Aquabot S600 lets you focus on enjoying your pool while it does the dirty work. It’s powerful; it cleans well and uses less energy. You’ll save money on pool services, cleaning chemicals and electricity bills.

Not only does the S600 make it easier and more fun to own a pool – it lowers the cost of cleaning it, too.



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