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Reviews Maytronics Atlantis Robotic Pool Cleaner

Published on May 10th, 2019 | by Roger Corbinetti


Maytronics Atlantis Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Maytronics Atlantis Robotic Pool Cleaner Review Roger Corbinetti


Wall Cleaning
Energy Efficiency
Floor Cleaning

Summary: The Atlantis scrubs your pool floor has an easy time going up the walls and cleans up to the waterline.


Easy to set up and maintain

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The Dolphin Atlantis is one of the more affordable in-ground robotic pool cleaners from Maytronics.

It comes in an eye-catching yellow and grey finish, in sharp contrast to the neutral look of most Dolphin pool cleaners.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Atlantis provides excellent cleaning performance.

It doesn’t boast as many features as the similarly yellow and Greek-named Dolphin Apollo and Apollo Plus, but it cleans just as well.

Read on for our full review.

If the Atlantis isn’t quite what you are looking for, we have more top recommendations in our best robotic cleaners for in-ground pools buying guide.


  • Affordable compared to other Dolphin models.
  • Excellent cleaning performance – scrubs floor, walls, and waterline.
  • Twin handles for easier handling.
  • Swivel cable.
  • Weekly timer.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.


  • Bottom access filter.
  • Uses filter bag – messier and harder to clean than a cartridge.
  • The average value for money – the Atlantis is a bit too bare bones for its price.

Maytronics Atlantis Product Specifications

Weight: 18.75lbs

Pool type: In-ground pools of up to 50 feet

Coverage: Floor, walls and waterline

Cable: 60’ cable with swivel

Caddy included: No

Weekly timer: Yes

Remote control: No

Cleaning cycle: 3 hours

Filter rate: 70 GPM

Warranty: 24 months

Maytronics Atlantis Cleaning Ability

Dolphin pool cleaner

The Dolphin Atlantis design focuses on simplicity. No high tech features found in premium Dolphin pool robots.

While the lack of features like a smart navigation system makes it a bit slow in cleaning, it does not compromise performance.

The Atlantis scrubs your pool floor has an easy time going up the walls and cleans up to the waterline.

A powerful 233 gallons of water per hour pump vacuums the water through an over-sized filter bag that captures everything from leaves and twigs to sand and algae.

The robot’s 3-hour cycle time is not the fastest, but at least it gets the job done.

Our only complaint is the bottom-loading filter bag.

A top-access cartridge or basket would have been much more convenient.

How Maytronics Atlantis Works

dolphin atlantis

The Dolphin Atlantis is a barebone robotic pool cleaner.

It doesn’t even have a smart navigation system, a feature present in some cheaper Dolphin pool robots.

Instead, the robot cleans in a random pattern until all areas are covered.

As the brushes scrub and loosen dirt and algae from the pool surface, the vacuum suctions the water through the filter bag.

The filter bag can hold plenty of debris. But if this is the first clean of the season and your pool is full of leaves and debris, empty the bag midway through to avoid clogging up the cleaner.

At the end of the cleaning, the filter bag is a bit tedious to access from the bottom and even more challenging to clean.

But Maytronics sells a cartridge kit that is compatible with the Atlantis. Contact them to find out where you can buy it.

Unique Features of Maytronics Atlantis

Atlantis Robotic Pool Cleaner

1. Swivel Cable

No worries about the cable getting all twisted. The 360-degree swivel keeps the cable straight through the robot’s twists and turns.

2. Lightweight Design with Twin Handles

At just over 18lbs, the Dolphin Atlantis is one of the lightest in-ground robotic pool cleaners.

You don’t need a caddy to carry it to and from storage. It’s also easy to lift out of the water.

The twin handles make it easier to handle and are especially handy if you need an extra hand to carry it.

3. Weekly Timer

Considering the no-frills design of the Dolphin Atlantis, it’s surprising they included a scheduler.

You can set the robot to clean on certain days of the week even when you are not home.

This Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Perfect For You If…

Maytronics Atlantis

You are looking for a powerful but affordable no-frills in-ground robotic pool cleaner.

Avoid Buying This One If…

dolphin robotic pool cleaner

You’d prefer to pay more for a robotic pool cleaner with extra features such as a cycle timer, smart navigation, and top-access filter cartridges.

Where to Buy One

The best place to buy Maytronics Atlantis Robotic Pool Cleaner is on Amazon, where you’ll often find the best deal.


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