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Published on January 31st, 2023 | by Roger Corbinetti


Best Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for a battery-powered pool vacuum?

You’ve come to the right place!

So long, tangled cables. Due to modern improvements in battery capacity, weight and longevity it’s now possible to clean your pool using battery power.

What’s in This Buying Guide

In this guide, we compare the best battery-operated pool vacuums sold today.  We also provide a brief buying guide that discusses what to look for when purchasing a cordless/rechargeable pool vacuum.

Most of the pool vacuums discussed below are handheld pool cleaners that will last about an hour on battery. They are designed for spot-cleaning larger pools and for keeping pools with light debris clean.

That said, you can purchase additional batteries to extend the useful run time.

If you have serious sand or debris issues, then you may want to invest in a dedicated automatic pool cleaner, instead.

Best Battery-Powered Cordless Pool Vacuums

  1. Best Overall: Intex Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum
  2. Best For Deep Pools: Bestway Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum
  3. Best Budget Spot-Cleaner: Kokido EV30CBX Telescopic 
  4. Best for Silt and Sand: Pool Blaster Max
  5. Best for Commercial Pools: Pool Blaster Pro 1500 

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ModelBest For Battery Handle Run Time
Intex Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum
battery powered pool vacuum reviews
Most Pool OwnersBuilt-In Ni-MH94" telescopic pole50 minutes
Bestway Aqua Powercell
battery powered pool vacuum reviews
Deep poolsBuilt-In Lithium ion
87" sectional pole40 minutes
Kokido EV30CBX
battery powered pool vacuum reviews
Spot-cleaningBuilt-In Lithium ionTelescopic pole45 minutes
Pool Blaster Max
battery operated pool vacuum reviews
Silt and sandBuilt-In Lithium ionTelescopic pole (purchase separately)1 hour
Pool Blaster Pro 1500
battery operated pool vacuum reviews
Extra large & commercial poolsSwappable Lithium ionIntegrated handle2 hours (2 batteries)

1. Best Overall: Intex Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

battery operated pool vacuum cleaner


If you want a powerful and affordable rechargeable pool cleaner, check out the Intex Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum.

This is a top-rated proven cleaner that won’t break the bank.

Key Features 

Powerful Built-in Battery

Unlike other lithium-ion battery-powered pool cleaners, this powerful machine from Intex features a Ni-MH rechargeable battery that keeps the cost down and creates a powerful suction that collects both big and fine debris from the bottom of the pool.

Two Interchangeable Brush Heads 

One great thing about this device is the included brush heads. One is a broom-shaped head that sweeps the debris to pick them up. It also allows you to give stubborn particles a good scrub to get them out.

The other is a plain suction head that picks the debris that comes in its way.


The device is IPX8 waterproof, so it can withstand continuous immersion in water without damage.

It also comes with an automatic shutoff feature. If it is not completely submerged in water, the safety feature will switch it off.


  • It can take a long time to charge
  • Early units were shipped with faulty chargers

The Intex Handheld Rechargeable Pool Vacuum is Best for You If… 

You own a spa or an above-ground pool that needs regular cleaning.


2. Best for Deep Pools: Bestway Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum

battery operated pool pump


Looking for a top-rated / proven spot-cleaning pool vacuum that works well in deep and large pools and doesn’t cost a lot?

Check out Bestway’s Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum.

Key Features

Simple Design 

Bestway is a company known for manufacturing quality products that last a long time. This pool vacuum model is no different.

It features a simple design that is portable and easy to use.

Cleans Large & Deep Pools

With bottom roller wheels and an 87-inch extendable handle, this cleaner glides effortlessly on the floor of almost any pool size and depth.

Dual Interchangeable Heads

battery pool vacuum cleaners

The Aqua Powercell comes with two interchangeable cleaning heads. One is designed to scrub and clean the pool walls and floor, while the other is useful for cleaning corners.

Each head features thick bristles that make it easy to sweep and suck finer particles.


  • Takes a while to get going
  • Filter capacity limited

The Bestway Aqua Powercell Handheld Pool Vacuum is Best for You If…

You want a unit that gets the job done in a satisfying manner and provides great value.


3. Best Budget Spot-Cleaner: Kokido EV30CBX Telescopic Pool/Spa Vacuum

battery operated pool pump


If you need to save money, check out this Kokido cordless pool cleaner.

Key Features

Multipurpose Heads 

The most noteworthy feature of this product is its unique scrubbing head that features centipede-like bristles on both sides. The bristles scrub and loosen stubborn debris and embedded algae from your pool’s floor.

The other cleaning head attachment is a simpler vacuum head designed to collect larger debris like leaves and small twigs.

Efficient Filtration 

This unit boasts a powerful filtration system.

Independent of the pool filtration setup, it takes in the water, filters it to remove any particles, and releases the processed water back into the pool.

With its simple water wash, you can eliminate all contaminants from your pool without having to take each one out individually.

Great for Spot Cleaning 

battery pool vacuum cleaners

Even if you use a robotic pool cleaner to sweep your pool regularly, its unpredictable path will occasionally miss a few spots.

This unit is designed to finish the job.

Just choose the right head and remove the last bits of twigs or leaves your regular cleaner missed.


  • The filter does not capture super-fine particles
  • The pole can come loose with use; make sure you check it before cleaning

The Kokido EV30CBX Telescopic Pool/Spa Vacuum is Best for You If…

You want a low-cost way to spot-clean larger debris (leaves, twigs, acorns) left by your regular pool cleaner.


4. Best for Silt & Sand: Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Vacuum 

battery powered pool vaccum


The Pool Blaster Max Cordless Rechargeable Pool Vacuum.comes with a unique reusable filter that captures debris of all sizes, including the finest algae and silt.

Key Features

Captures Fine Debris

The Pool Blaster Max captures a wide range of particles in various sizes, from fine sand and silt to twigs, leaves, and acorns.

Reach Every Nook and Cranny

The Pool Blaster Max comes with a removable 10.5-inch vacuum head for cleaning flat surfaces.

Or, you can remove it to reveal a nozzle cone to clean corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

Quick Charging

This unit operates on a lithium-ion battery that delivers up to one hour of continuous cleaning, which is plenty enough for most jobs – but not as long as other units on this list.

That said, it can be quickly recharged if you need to keep going.

Easy Clean Up 

This cleaner features a distinctive dual-cam lever connection on the canister that makes it easy to empty.


  • Pole handle is not telescopic and could be longer.
  • The charging adapter can be tricky to connect.

The Pool Blaster Max Cordless Pool Vacuum is Best for you if… 

You want a small and lightweight vacuum capable of picking up finer debris including algae, sand and silt.


5. Best for Commercial Pools: Pool Blaster Pro 1500 Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

battery powered above ground pool vacuum


If you own a commercial or busy pool, the light-duty pool vacuums above probably won’t be enough.

In this situation, we recommend taking a look at the Pool Blaster Pro 1500.

This is a rugged professional-grade handheld pool cleaner with multiple head attachments and two rechargeable batteries to keep going all day.

Key Features

Works In Or Out of Water

Unlike the other units on this list, this heavy-duty pool vacuum can operate without being completely immersed in water.  So you can use it in hot tubs and shallow / kid pool areas too.

Dual Batteries

Additionally, the Pool Blaster Pro 1500 comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Each battery provides up to an hour of run time, and you can recharge the extra while using it – so this unit will run all day if you need it too.

Unique Vacuum Heads 

The best thing about this unit is its unique vacuum heads.

It comes with one standard vacuum head for Vinyl pools and a more flexible vacuum head featuring polyurethane ball-bearings is for Gunite pools.

Both heads are easy to maneuver and do a great job picking up debris of any size.

Multi-Layered Filter

Another noteworthy feature is the X-Treme Multi-layered filter bag.

The first layer of this filter media is a general / all-purpose filter to pick up larger debris like twigs and acorns.

The second layer collects smaller debris including sand and tree droppings.

The third and final layer filters out the finest particles like algae and silt.


  • Telescopic pool pole not included; must purchase separately
  • Works best when used slowly and methodically

The Pool Blaster Pro 1500 is Best for You If… 

You spend more than an hour cleaning your pool – or if you own a commercial/busy pool.

How Does a Battery-Powered Pool Cleaner Work?

battery pool cleaners

A battery-powered pool vacuum is a simple machine, much like a cordless vacuum cleaner – it uses a battery to drive a motor that pushes water through a filter instead of air.


The nozzle is the lowest part of a pool vacuum. It runs along the surface and uses suction to collect debris that gets in its way.


The nozzle is sometimes equipped with brushes that twirl around to dislodge any stubborn or stuck debris.

These are usually two to four sets of thick bristles that help give the pool floor a thorough scrub.


The canister is the removable part located above the nozzle inside the vacuum. It is where the filter media is located and collected debris is stored.

Once you have completed vacuuming the pool, you remove the canister and empty the contents.


The handle/pole is the topmost part of the machine. You use it to maneuver the vacuum around the pool.

A battery-powered pool vacuum may come with or without a handle.  And the handle may be integral to the unit or removable/adjustable.

Those that come without the handle offer you the freedom to choose one according to your preference.

You can go for a telescopic handle that extends to provide you with different lengths, depending upon your needs.

Why Buy a Battery-Powered Pool Vacuum?

Unlike robotic pool cleaners that function automatically, rechargeable pool vacuums are manually-operated tools designed to clean and purify your pool water.

They are compact and portable and will work in any type of pool.

Let’s look at why you should get yourself a battery-powered pool vacuum:

Works Quickly

Battery-powered pool vacuums work faster than other models. They boast a powerful internal suction that allows them to remove debris from the pool within minutes.

With one of these at hand, you won’t be spending hours cleaning the pool to get rid of all the debris.

Superior Suction 

Most pool cleaners rely on external sources like a garden hose or the pool’s pump system to create the suction.

Their rechargeable variation uses battery power to create a powerful suction effect without relying on any external sources.

Here is a detailed account of some of the best suction pool cleaners.

Lightweight and Compact

Yes, there are some bulky and heavier models, but most battery-powered pool vacuums are quite compact and lightweight.

This means you can easily move one around without straining yourself. They fit inside most pools and don’t take up too much storage space.

battery operated pool vacuum cleaner

Battery-powered pool cleaners are a great way to keep your pool in good shape by removing debris from the bottom of your pool.

These units are compact and lightweight, so you can quickly and effectively.

However, not all battery-powered pool cleaners are the same.

Before you shop for one, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.

Compatible With Your Pool

Most pool rechargeable vacuums are designed with a certain pool type and size in mind.

For example, some units are only suitable for above-ground pools while others work for in-ground pools.

Most cordless pool vacuums are designed for spot cleaning in shallow pools and can reach 5-6 feet, which isn’t enough if the deep end of your 60-foot pool is 8 feet deep.

That said, some models can be altered by adding a longer pole.

Type of Debris

Another key factor to consider is the filter media & vacuum heads included with the pool vacuum.

These should be capable of solving your most common pool debris issues.  A pool cleaner that only capture leaves and twigs won’t help if your problem is algae and sand.

Some cordless pool cleaners come with multi-layer filters that can capture all kinds of debris, but they are generally more expensive because they require more powerful pumps and larger batteries.

Battery Life / Number of Batteries

Battery life is another important consideration for a rechargeable pool vacuum.

Ideally, it should provide at least an hour of continuous cleaning, which is plenty of time for most people – unless you suffer from especially heavy leaf fall or sand issues.

Most units include one hour of run time, so if you need more look for a model that offers easy-to-swap rechargeable batteries and if possible a recharging station that can charge your spare while you clean.

Charge Time 

No matter how long your battery life is, a rechargeable pool vacuum should not take more than two hours to charge.


Since they are not a small investment, you should look for a unit that is built to last.

Take a closer look at the materials it is made from as well as the materials that will protect it from breakage.

Cleaning and Maintenance

battery pool vacuum cleaners

It’s important to clean and maintain your cordless pool vacuum after each use. It helps keep it in top working condition as well as extend its life.

Here’s a quick set of tips for keeping your cordless pool vacuum clean and operational:

  • After you have finished vacuuming the pool, remove the machine from the water and let excess water drain out.
  • Now remove the canister and empty its contents. Rinse with clean fresh water.
  • Remove the filter and rinse it with clean water to remove any build-up.
  • Set out everything to air dry.
  • Once it is completely dry, put it back together and store it.
  • Make sure every component and part is completely dry before storing. Any leftover moisture can cause corrosion and damage your machine.
  • Never leave the dirt sitting inside the canister, as it can also affect the performance of your machine.
  • Lastly, make sure that the device is completely off and if you are storing it for an extended time period, leave the battery level at 30-50% to preserve battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What batteries does a battery-powered pool cleaner use?

Most battery-powered pool vacuums operate on powerful lithium-ion batteries. Lithium batteries are lightweight, charge quickly, stay charged for longer, and provide a longer run time. That said, they are expensive and you need to be careful when charging them to maintain a long lifespan.

How much run time can you get from a cordless battery-powered pool vacuum?

Most battery-powered pool vacuums run for about an hour on a full battery. Some run longer than that, but none for more than two hours.  If you need more than an hour, we recommend purchasing a spare rechargeable battery.

Does a battery-powered pool vacuum clean better than other types of pool cleaners?

When running, a rechargeable pool vacuums clean about as well as automatic pool cleaners and robot pool cleaners.  But they cannot clean for nearly as long as other kinds of pool cleaners, and they do not clean automatically.  On the other hand, handheld rechargeable pool cleaners clean nooks and crannies that other kinds of automatic pool cleaners often miss.

Final Verdict: What is the best battery-powered pool vacuum?

For most small and medium-sized pool owners with light debris issues, we think the Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum is the best battery-powered pool vacuum due to its proven durability and value for money.

If you suffer from heavy debris issues, regularly more than an hour of run time, or own a commercial pool, then take a look at the Pool Blaster Pro 1500 Cordless Rechargeable Pool Vacuum.

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