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Best Pool Vacuum Heads [2023]: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shopping for a new pool vacuum head?

You’ve come to the right place.

A sparkling, clean pool is essential for ensuring your health and safety.

However, with such a wide range of vacuum head available today, choosing one can be a confusing.

To ensure you make the right choice, we’ve reviewed some of the best models available in the market and even included a comprehensive buying guide so you know what to look for.

When Should You Buy a New Pool Vacuum Head?

Swimming pools are extremely hard to maintain. They need regular repairs and cleaning and if left unmaintained, they turn dirty and contaminated very quickly.

Fungus, hair, dead leaves, and debris can accumulate in your pool, and small critters might even burrow in if you don’t clean your pool or allow it to dry up.

You should buy a new pool vacuum head before things get that bad, or you’ll end up spending lots of money on a professional pool cleaning service.

It’s also advisable to get a new pool vacuum head if you’re hosting a pool party.

Everyone loves taking a dip in the cool water, sipping refreshing summer drinks, relaxing in the warm sun, and dancing to the latest summer pop anthems.

But no one wants to talk about the cleaning up that goes into hosting a pool party. To make the cleaning easier, make sure you invest in a pool vacuum head.

What’s In This Buying Guide

Almost every pool vacuum head on the market guarantees to provide you with an excellent vacuuming experience.

But they are not all the same.

To help you make the right decision for your situation, in this guide we review and compare the best models for a number of common situations and needs.

After our reviews, we provide a buying guide to explain some of the most important features to look for when buying a pool vacuum head.

Then, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this critical pool cleaner component.

If after reading this guide you remain unsure, check out our reviews of the best pool cleaners and pool filters for other options.

Best Pool Vacuum Heads

  1. Best Overall: Milliard 14” 
  2. Best for Vinyl-Lined Pools: Milliard Pool Vacuum Head
  3. Best For In Ground Pools: U.S. Pool Supply 14” 
  4. Best Value for Money: FibroPool Professional 
  5. Best for Smaller pools: Milliard See-Thru 
  6. Best for Hot Tubs: U.S. Pool Supply Triangular

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Pool Vacuum Head
CategoryVacuum Head SizeBristlesSee-ThroughWeight
Milliard 14”
pool vacuum head reviews
Best Overall14 inchesNo

3.13 lbs.
Milliard Pool Vacuum Head
pool vacuum cleaner head
Best for vinyl-lined pools13 inchesYes

2 lbs.
U.S. Pool Supply 14”
vacuum head pool
Best inground pool vacuum head14 inches


0.99 oz.
FibroPool Professional 
vacuum head pool
Best value for money

14.4 inches


4 lbs.
Milliard See-Thru
commercial pool vacuum head
Best for small pools

11 inches


3.16 lbs.
U.S. Pool Supply Triangular
best pool vacuum head
Best for hot tubs

11 inches


1.85 lbs.

1. Best Overall: Milliard 14” 

pool vacuum head reviews


This Milliard model has a flexible plastic body that curves to the uneven floor of your pool for a thorough cleaning.  It’s the one I use in my own pool.

It is the best model on our list because it feels just like an ordinary vacuum and doesn’t cost much.

The Milliard vacuum head boasts a compact and lightweight design and doesn’t float when you’re using it.

Key Features

Wide 14” Head:

The Milliard vacuum head comes with a wide head that enables it to suck in more dirt and debris with every swipe, while its wheels make it suitable for larger swimming pools.

Note: we much prefer wheels over brushes and pads, because wheels allow the head to move smoothly over the top of twigs, acorns and leaves while other surfaces will push them around.

Its rectangular-shaped head is perfect for vacuuming up all types of dirt and debris, and the large 14” cleaning surface allows you to clean your pool quickly and easily.


The wheels on the Milliard vacuum head make it easier to move the device over your pool floor. The wheels move gently and smoothly, preventing scrapes and scratches on the floor and walls of your pool.

Handle Adapter

This flexible vacuum head boasts a handle adapter that makes the unit compatible with all standard extension poles.

You can also modify and tweak the spring-loaded locking clips to attach different types of poles.

Durable Construction

This model comes with quality connectors and an ABS plastic body that ensure longevity and reliability.

The product is designed with weights that keep it on the floor of the pool, preventing the head from floating as you vacuum it.


  • Not as effective in corners and tight spaces.
  • Not suitable for wall cleaning or algae removal.
  • Uses stainless-steel screws and bolts that can rust.

The Milliard 14” Pool Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You need to clean any kind of debris including leaves, small twigs and acorns.  It also works just fine on sand and grit.

The design works well in all types of cleaning, making it our favorite overall pool vacuum head for a swimming pool.

2. Best for Vinyl-Lined Pools: Milliard Pool Vaccum Head

pool cleaning vacuum head


When it comes to getting rid of the hassles of pool cleaning, this weighted vacuum head offers tremendous ease of use and convenience.

Its innovative brush-surface design ensures that it effectively vacuums up dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool without damaging your vinyl liner.

Key Features

Easy Cleaning

This unit has a weighted design, so it sinks to your pool’s floor and stays there.

Its air-relief valve further releases any excess suction to ensure optimal cleaning performance for the entire length of the pool.

If you need to get rid of accumulated grime, this vacuum head is the one for the job, as its rounded edges facilitate fast and easy cleaning.

Soft Brushes

This unit has brushes made of polypropylene bristles that run along its entire edge.

These bristles are softer than steel but stronger than nylon, providing the perfect balance needed to clean and vacuum vinyl pool surfaces.

Universal Fit

This vacuum head is compatible with 1.5” and 1.25” vacuum hoses. Its handle is further designed with spring-loaded locking clips that make it easier for you to attach standard extension poles.

High-Quality Construction

pool vacuum cleaner head

Constructed with ABS plastic, this Milliard model is extremely durable, comfortably lightweight, and resistant to most pool chemicals.

Its large size and sturdy construction make it perfect for harder floors as well.


  • Does not come with wheels, making it a bit difficult to push.  But vinyl pools can get damaged by wheels.
  • Plastic pins are susceptible to breaking
  • Hose attachment can be a bit tight.

The Milliard Pool Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You own a vinyl-lined pool.

It cleans dirt quickly and thoroughly scrubs off algae and grime that accumulate on the pool’s floor and walls.

It is also durable and will last a long time.

3. Best for Inground Pools: U.S. Pool Supply 14” 

commercial pool vacuum head


If you want your in groud swimming pool looking squeaky-clean but don’t want to break the bank, this wheeled vacuum head is an excellent choice.

Key Features

Easy-to-Use Design

This model boasts a 14-inch flexible head that’s ideal for curved pools.

The swivel head is compatible with both 1.5” and 1.25” hoses. Furthermore, it boasts a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easier to store and transport.

Weighted Head

best pool vacuum head

This unit is designed with a weighted head that sinks to the bottom of the pool and remains submerged.

The 8-wheel design also makes it one of the best vacuum heads for inground pools.

The wheels are attached with metal bolts that make this model extra-durable and help it glide easily over the surfact of your pool.

Quick Attachment

The U.S. Pool Supply vacuum head includes an aluminum spring-action pole handle. This means that you’ll be able to attach the vacuum head to a pool filter very quickly and easily.


  • Does not come with instructions.
  • The stainless-steel spring that holds the suction pad could be better quality.

The U.S. Pool Supply 14” Pool Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You own an in ground pool – including gunnite, ceramic, vinyl, and concrete – that regularly attracts leaves, sand and other debris.

4. Best Value for Money: FibroPool Professional vacuum head pool


The FibroPool vacuum head comes at an excellent price and boasts a large cleaning area and 8 sturdy wheels.

Key Features

Quality Construction

The FibroPool Professional is constructed with high-quality materials that work effectively for a long period of time.

It features a generous surface area for cleaning and vacuuming.

The flexible thermoplastic head can reach every inch of the pool, even if it’s curved or circular.

Convenient Design

The unit boasts durable wheels and metal bearings that move easily, protecting the surfaces of your pool from any unintentional damage.

It also features six incorporated weights that keep the vacuum head submerged while you’re cleaning the pool.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with standard 1.5” hoses and generates powerful suction that ensures deep cleaning of your pool.

It’s safe to say that you won’t need to purchase any additional accessories with this product.

The FibroPool Professional includes a durable chrome-plated handle, providing you with a firm grip and allowing you to easily maneuver the vacuum head across the pool.

Stainless-Steel Fixtures

best pool vacuum head

This model comes with stainless-steel and anti-corrosion attachments to increase its life.

It also features a large cleaning area that allows for effective and rapid pool cleaning.


  • The wheels of this unit can come loose.
  • The metal fixtures can rust if they are left wet.

The FibroPool Professional Flexible Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You want the best overall value for your inground pool.

5. Best for Small Pools: Milliard See-Thru

what is the best pool vacuum head


This Milliard model is designed for maneuverability, allowing you to twist and swivel along walls into crevices, and through corners.

The transparent triangular vacuum head is incredibly convenient because it allows users to see what they’re doing and gauge how effectively the vacuum head is cleaning the pool.

Key Features

Rubber Bumpers

The Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head is designed with rubber bumpers along its sides to prevent the unit from scraping against the liners of the pool.

It also boasts weights that keep it submerged when you’re cleaning the pool. This means you won’t have to constantly push the vacuum head to the floor of the pool.

Nylon Bristle

commercial pool vacuum head

Soft nylon bristle brushes beneath the vacuum head push dirt towards the suction instead of spreading it around the pool. You can easily use this vacuum head without worrying about damaging the pool or without having to clean the same corner over and over again.

Locking Clips

This clear triangular weighted vacuum head includes a handle with locking clips, allowing you to easily attach extension poles.

Durable Construction

This model boasts a flexible, chemical-resistant, and long-lasting ABS plastic body, making it deserving of a place on our list of top picks. Its see-through head is a nice touch as it clearly allows you to see what you’re doing.

Furthermore, you don’t need to get any extra accessories because this unit’s vacuum port is compatible with 1.25” and 1.5” hoses. Lastly, its triangular shape is able to withstand bumps and scrapes as well.


  • Because of its weighted triangular design, the vacuum head sticks to the floor’s pool, making it a bit hard to pull or push it.
  • Bristles get tough and brittle quickly so they might disintegrate after some time.
  • Although this model is quite effective, it might not be suitable for square corners.

The Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You want to get rid of the algae and debris that’s present in a smaller pool, which also tend to be vinyl-lined.

Thanks to its gentle and soft nylon brushes, it is the perfect vacuum head for cleaning up the dirt in your swimming pool or hot tub.

6. Best for Hot Tubs: U.S. Pool Supply Triangular

pool vacuum head reviews


Boasting an exceptional cleaning range, this U.S. Pool Supply model is one of the most effective pool vacuum heads on the market.

Its triangular shape allows it to get into every corner and crevice of your pool, while its see-through design ensures that you don’t miss a single spot.

Key Features

Swivel Head Attachment

This feature allows you to move the vacuum head across the surface of the pool with ease. You can easily clean the entire pool without worrying about the hose getting tangled or coiled.


This model comes with a one-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll get a quality product. With this backup assurance, you can easily replace the vacuum head if any damage occurs.

Universal Fit

The product features an EZ clip handle that allows you to fasten an extension pole. It has a universal fit, which means you can easily attach a standard 1.25” or 1.5” hose.

Clear Design

pool vacuum cleaner head

The vacuum head’s transparent body gives you a clear view of the pool’s floor, allowing you to collect every single piece of debris in your pool.

Since this model effectively cleans every corner of your pool, it also saves you the money of hiring a professional pool cleaning technician.


  • The durability of the vacuum head could be improved.
  • The brush is poorly attached it might fall out.

The U.S. Pool Supply Transparent Triangular Vacuum Head is Best for You If…

You have a pool that’s full of loose dirt, leaves, and gravel. Although its compact and clear design makes it the perfect option for hot tubs and smaller pools, it is not suitable for larger fiberglass swimming pools.

Pool Vacuum Head Buying Guide

What is a pool vacuum head?

pool cleaning vacuum head

A pool vacuum head is an attachment fit to one end of a hose attached to a filter pump that makes vacuuming your pool easier.

This handy accessory sinks to the pool’s floor, enabling you to clean up debris, algae, and leaves.

Pools get dirty fast, and automatic pool cleaners often cannot remove all of the sand and debris from your pool.

If you’re a pool owner, you know the struggle of collecting dead leaves and other floating debris with a skimmer before they disappear to the bottom of the pool.

However, with a quality pool vacuum head, you won’t have to run out to the backyard as soon as a leaf falls.

A flexible, functional, and strong pool vacuum head will allow you to clean up everything in one go.

Why Buy a Pool Vacuum Head

Buying a pool vacuum head + hose is an extremely cost-effective way to keep your swimming pool looking its best.

It’s also an excellent way to clean your pool yourself without breaking the bank for a professional cleaning service.

With a pool vacuum head, you just need a pole and a hose to do the job.

You can use some vacuum heads to clean the walls of the pool, too.  Brush-based models can clean the walls and scrub dirt or gunk that might have accumulated there.

By choosing a vacuum head that best suits your needs, you’ll be able to make your pool look good as new!

What to Look for in a Pool Vacuum Head

pool vacuum cleaner head

Now that you’ve read about the best pool vacuum heads, it’s important to understand the features you need to consider before you finalize your purchase. These include:

Type of pool and vacuum head

Before you start looking into vacuum heads, it’s crucial for you to understand that different vacuum heads are designed for different pools. Light-duty ground pool vacuum heads are more suitable for above-ground pools, while heavy-duty models with coarser brushes are ideal for in-ground pools.

The size of your pool is another important determinant. Even high-end units have limits because each vacuum head is preprogrammed with a specific range. If you own a typical-sized pool, the majority of pool vacuum heads will satisfy your needs.

However, it’s still advisable to confirm the size before you make your purchase.


Pool vacuum heads with wheels are more convenient because they ensure smooth movement and easy cleaning in the water. It’s important to note that the head’s shape plays a crucial role as well.

Rectangular-shaped vacuum heads won’t be able to reach tight spots or corners easily, even if they’re equipped with wheels so it’s better to choose a triangular vacuum head.

When buying a wheeled model, make sure you check whether it has a bearing as it helps decrease friction and withstands the weight of the head.

Weighted down

It’s better to purchase a weighted-down pool vacuum head as it gives you complete control of your cleaning task. Since weighted-down heads don’t float on the water, they enable smooth and easy gliding.

These units also keep sufficient space between the pool floor and the vacuum head, effectively cleaning all dirt and debris.


Along with checking the compatibility of your pool vacuum head with the size and surface of your pool, you should also check the unit’s suitability with different hoses and telescopic poles.

The last thing you need is to buy a vacuum head, only to find out that it’s incompatible with the hoses and extension poles you own already. Thus, it’s advisable to go for models that are compatible with standard-sized poles and hoses.


Suction is one of the most important features of a pool vacuum head because it determines the amount of debris you’ll be cleaning. Make sure you choose a model that can clean up the dirt and debris in your pool.

It’s advisable to read customer reviews if you’re not sure whether the unit will be up to the cleaning task and won’t leave debris behind.


Vacuum heads are available in a wide range of sizes and can range anywhere from 10” to 19”. The right size will ultimately depend on the size of your pool. If you have a large pool, you’ll need a larger model as it will allow you to clean your pool quicker than a smaller one.

When buying larger vacuum heads, make sure you determine whether the construction and design are size-appropriate as well. This will enable you to clean hard-to-reach areas, further making pool cleaning and maintenance easier.


pool vacuum cleaner head

Most vacuum heads are designed with plastic or stainless-steel handles. Although plastic handles may break in certain situations, they can last a long time if used carefully.

On the other hand, stainless-steel handles seem incredibly sturdy, but that isn’t always the case. Cheaper steel handles can rust when exposed to water, which can weaken the grip with every use.


The head’s width will depend on the shape of the entire unit. Rectangular heads are wider, with widths ranging from 12” to 20”. However, triangular and moon pool vacuum heads cover a greater surface area, so they usually boast a 10” to 15” width.


This factor can go either way. It’s great to have a vacuum head with bristles because it allows you to clean the pool in two different ways. The unit scrubs the bottom of the pool while sucking up all the dirt and debris at the same time.

However, bristles can reduce the suction power of the vacuum head, preventing you from using the most suction possible. Moreover, the bristles can fall off. That means you’re going to have to clean and vacuum them up as well.

Ultimately, this factor depends on your personal preference. Each type has its own benefits, so make sure you consider both before you finalize your purchase.


It’s advisable to determine the amount you’re willing to spend on a pool vacuum head beforehand. Remember, the more features a product has, the more expensive it will be. It’s better to invest in a reliable model, even if it comes at a slightly higher price.

Additional accessories

  • Bumpers – A vacuum head with bumpers helps prevent scratches on the walls of the pool.
  • See-thru head – While this is not a standard feature, it makes cleaning easier and more convenient as it allows you to see the bottom of the pool and pick up any debris left behind.

Pros and cons 

Pros And Cons

Pool vacuum heads have much stronger and better performance advantages than other similar products. However, they have their shortcomings, too. Here’s a look at both aspects:


Effective pool cleaning

Every pool owner knows that getting rid of dirt, debris, sand, and bugs is not easy. However, by using vacuum heads with wheels and brushes, you can clean your pool quickly and efficiently.

Pool vacuum heads are also able to remove algae easily. Unlike other electronic units, vacuum heads effectively clean the floor of the pool without any extra effort on your part.

Clean walls and edges

Most pool vacuum heads have a lightweight and compact design. This means that they’re easily able to reach the pool’s sides, edges, and walls. These units also thoroughly scrub the inner corners and walls, leaving you with a squeaky-clean pool.

Affordable cleaning accessory

Vacuum heads are one of the most cost-effective pool cleaning tools. One vacuum head is available at a lower price than any other large cleaning tool. Since vacuum heads only need a pole and a hose, they also save you the cost of a professional cleaning service.

Faster and more effective than cleaning by hand

Although pool vacuum heads require physical labor, they’re much easier and quicker than cleaning by hand. Rather than using a pool brush, you can just push the vacuum around to clean the pool.


Require manual labor

Instead of leaving the vacuum to clean all day, you’ll need to take time out of your busy schedule and push the pool vacuum head around. This is similar to pushing a house vacuum when you’re cleaning a carpet.

Slower than automatic pool cleaners

Since you’ll have to manually push the vacuum head, it is slower than automatic pool cleaners. While this isn’t a big problem, it still takes time out of your busy day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do pool vacuum heads work?

what is the best pool vacuum head

In order to use a pool vacuum head, you need to first attach it to a telescopic pole and then connect one end of a vacuum hose to the pool vacuum head.

Take the other end of the hose and connect it to a water intake nozzle, so you can have water flowing through the hose.

The filter nozzle will suck the water and debris that flows through it. When you start up the vacuum for the first time, you’ll notice air bubbles that indicate that the water is being sucked through. Once the hose is full of water, these bubbles will disappear.

How to connect a pool vacuum head to a suction-side hose?

Vacuum heads are designed with two holes. You need to attach a telescopic pole to one hole and one end of a suction-side hose to the other.

You’ll need to attach the other end of the hose to a nozzle for water intake. This nozzle will ensure that clean water flows through the hose.

Final Verdict: What is the best pool vacuum head and why?

It’s not easy to clean and vacuum a pool but using a quality pool vacuum head certainly makes the task simpler. However, selecting the right model for your needs is quite difficult as different pools need different kinds of care.

Thanks to its wide 14” head, durable construction, and smooth wheels, we found the Milliard 14” Pool Vacuum Head to be the best model available today. But make sure you go through all the aforementioned units and find the vacuum head that best suits your needs!

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